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I have finally watched the last series of Being Human - having finally got round to starting it on Saturday. And even though I still haven't seen any of the last series of Lewis or Black Mirror, the last episode of Wonders of Life and I can't remember whether there's one episode of Midsomer Murders on my PVR, or two. But at least I've made a start on watching stuff.

Being Human is a series that I've ended up watching in a short space of time. I did it for the first series because I'd heard good things about it and I was ill between the fifth and sixth episodes, so I watched all five before, then the sixth on the right day. And every time it's been on it's been inconvenient or too much on or too late at night or all three and I usually end up waiting until most of the series has been on before watching them all. I just ended up starting a little later with this series.

The thing is, I can't quite decide if I like it. After every episode I find myself wishing it was just about a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf living together and trying to be normal and act human, without any of the big series arc stuff. Except that if it was that would be boring. And I miss Mitchell, George and Annie, except that I like Tom, Hal and Alex.

And as I only finished the final episode an hour ago, I definitely don't have any opinions on the ending.

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