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Today is my one year anniversary of completing on my house. I have now owned a house for a year! In this year I have made the following improvements to it:

  • New boiler. Which is more efficient and quiet enough to sleep through. And hear the TV over. It hasn't been really cold since I got it, so it's hard to say if I actually notice any difference in efficiency or cost, but so far my bills are down and my house is warm.
  • New cooker. Which is so efficient. On the stove I do things on a smaller ring, turned down lower and they still cook faster (sometimes too quickly - I've had things I've had to turn off because I can't turn the gas down enough. And the oven cooks everything far quicker too. And it's so clean! I haven't had a clean cooker since two moves ago.
  • New front and back door. Which are a lot easier to lock and unlock, but mostly they fit properly. The old front door in particular had massive gaps around it. I filled some of them, but I had to leave some gaps or the doors wouldn't close. Also my back door opens inwards, which means I can have it open when it's hot. Which of course it wasn't after I got it in July.
  • Kitchen door. The way my house is designed a door would just get in the way, so I have a folding door, which doesn't get in the way so much. I can now shut out the sound of the washing machine. I've been shutting it at night, now the heating's on, and when I get up in the morning it's the warmest room in the house, whereas previously it was the coldest.

Which was all quite a lot really. Next year I'd like to do some small(er) things:

  • putting actual flowers in the garden to make it pretty (at the moment it's brown in autumn winter and green in spring summer, which is quite boring)
  • some new lightshades. My walls are magnolia and all the lightshades are the same colour. They'll give the rooms some more colour without spending much money. And in the case of the bathroom one, something that's not designed to collect so much dust.
  • new curtains. Also for colour. The lounge especially is colourless because the floor is brown and the curtains are brown. And my furniture is mostly brown.

I am also in the process of doing some rearranging of furniture, it's just a long process - partly because I haven't had the time this year to do much spring cleaning.

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My posting date for [info]dw_guestfest was today, so I managed to finish my story yesterday. I probably could have finished it sooner if I hadn't spent so much time putting off adding description. I declared it finished partly because I was sick of reading it. And I'd run out of description-adding ability. It features Kate Stewart and Counter-Measures - it's the first story on AO3 with Ian Gilmore and the second with Rachel and Allison (I wrote the other one). Here it is on AO3: Time Team. (Posting it really wasn't helped by LJ logging me out every time I tried to preview it)

I was thinking I'd get it more finished this week, but they suddenly started making people redundant at work. My job is fine, but we now have fewer people in the department, so we're busy and lacking in motivation. It didn't help my motivation for getting anything done until last night when I could put work to the back of my mind for a bit.

But today I did some drilling! I tried it a couple of months ago for putting a front door curtain up, but didn't achieve much other than drilling through the masking tape. This time I was putting up a towel rail, which was easier because I could stand on the floor, but harder because you really had to get it the holes in the right place and couldn't draw through anything. But the instructions were great - they even told me what size drill bit to use.

I tried the first hole, didn't get anywhere, changed a few settings (the drill has so many settings) and finally managed to do more than make a dent in the wall. It looks so easy when other people do it, but in reality the drill is heavy and you have to push hard and I ended up with an aching wrist, even though I was holding the drill with both hands. I thought I'd do the other hole anyway, to get it out of the way. And I discovered (partly) why the old towel rail had not been terribly secure - half the wall is hollow. One minute I was drilling hard, the next there was no resistance.

So I'm not sure how long/well this one will stay up. It's also not quite straight, due to me not drilling the whole straight. But had I drilled the hole straight they'd have been slightly too far apart. So it's pretty much cobbled together, but considering it's the first drilling I've ever done, it's not bad. I can certainly live with it.

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