Apr. 10th, 2017 09:37 pm
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This weekend we managed to have a rare combination of nice weather, time and energy, so I could do gardening. Of all chores it's the most annoying because it always seems to be nice when I'm busy or don't have the energy, and as soon as it's a good time to garden it's blowing a gale or raining. But yesterday was good and my garden now has fewer weeds, which is always an improvement.

After that I spent the afternoon in the traditional manner of Sunday afternoons when it's nice weather: lazing around reading.

Missy is an idiot. She's an intelligent hamster, but useless at finding food. Hamsters are supposed to be good at finding food using their sense of smell, which is really good. She can't find food when it's right under her nose - she just looks in places where she's used to finding it. Then when she does find it, after I've hidden it among her toys, she sticks it in the sofa. I dread to think how much food is in there.

My hoover died, so I bought a new one. It took me forever to get it out of the box. I ended up having to open it at both ends, remove the vast amount of cardboard that wasn't doing anything (except preventing me from getting the hoover out) and then managed to pull it out. At one point I thought I was going to have to cut the box vertically. I piled the cardboard up, as I thought Missy would like something new to investigate. But she wasn't interested. She's quite keen on the hoover box, though.

My RSS feeds went from silence about LJ to lots of drama the past few days. I still much prefer commenting on LJ because the email notifications tell you the post title in the subject, unlike on Dreamwidth. But if anyone has strong feelings about preferring me to comment on DW rather than LJ*, let me know and I can change my RSS feed.

*Assuming I currently comment on LJ, obviously.

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I've got out of the habit of quite a few things over the last few weeks. Work has been busy and I've been out a lot of week nights, so I haven't had energy to do anything at the weekends. So I have got out of the habit of blogging and fic writing and TV watching (evenings in involve playing with Missy).

But now I have a few weeks off going out for Easter (aside from a few nights) so hopefully I will get back into these habits.

But this weekend I've had energy, which has made a nice change. The weather being sunny and warm helps. I went swimming this morning - and purposely didn't do many lengths because I knew I had to come home and hoover.

I did manage to get my [info]dw-guestfest done on time this year! Although it's not the fic I meant to write. I meant to write one that would fill a square on my Gen Prompt Bingo card and cross off a WIP from my list. Except when I opened it I realised I'd left a gap between the end of the previous Tenth Doctor & John Chesterton fic and the beginning of the this, so I wrote the bit that goes in between (this time without a Press Gang title*).

*Although a "write a fic for every Press Gang episode title" would be a good (if big) challenge.

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This week was half term, which meant I had nothing on in the evenings. I felt sure this would mean I'd be able to get lots of writing and TV watching done. On Monday I did some work on my hetswap fic and watched the earliest of the four Cats Countdown episodes on my PVR. And then it all went to pot.

Missy was ill. She's fine now, but she was sleeping a lot. So theoretically I had more time to get stuff done, but in reality I was too busy worrying about her. And being distracted by the internet.

And then once she was better I decided that I'd do some of the house cleaning in the evenings so I wouldn't have to do it all at the weekend. So between playing with her and cleaning that was my whole evening.

And then work was busy and I didn't have enough sleep so of course I then kept waking up before my alarm. And not much later today and yesterday. So even though I've had a quiet week, I am tired.

This week I'm out every night. But it's fine that I have four weeks of TV recorded, plus stuff from Christmas I haven't watched. And writing deadlines are for watching them whoosh by...

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Feb. 12th, 2017 03:17 pm
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This week has been busy. I had one of those weeks where I was out Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Monday I went food shopping and Wednesday I played with Missy until I was struggling to keep my eyes closed. So Friday I watched TV and played with Missy and that was pretty much all I had the energy for.

I have three more of those weeks between now and Easter. But this week is half term, so I have nothing at all on any evening.

An I have my hetswap fic to write. I started late because I had Chocolate Box treats to finish. I now have three first drafts of my hetswap fic - I hope the third time is the charm because if I don't get it finished this week I'll be back to having no time to do it in.

And after that, no more exchanges for a bit. I want to be able to write for myself, talk about what I'm writing and not have to have this unbreakable deadline. And work on my WIPs. I have signed up for the Doctor Who Minor Characters Ficathon, but I am writing one of my WIPs for it and it's not the end of the world if I miss the deadline - as evidence by last year when I finished my fic about six months after the deadline.

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Busy week

Dec. 11th, 2016 02:20 pm
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This week has been busy:
Monday I spent part of the evening sorting out sending out things I'd sold on eBay and Christmas presents to go overseas. All while Missy complained and carried on because I should have been playing with her. As soon as I'd finished she went for a nap.
Tuesday was Rotary Christmas dinner.
Wednesday was ballet.
Thursday I went shopping, and tried to get as much as possible that I might need this month so I don't have to go too much more.
Friday I left work and got to my car to see one of my tyres was flat. So I got home late after that.
Saturday I got up early to get my tyre fixed (driving on the spare is horrible). I spent the rest of the day alternating cleaning the house and working. In the evening I drove into the city.
Today is my day for relaxing, catching up on TV, catching up SGA Santa reading, since that's started posting this week. And maybe attempting to write some Yuletide Treats.

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I didn't mean not to post (or comment) for so long, there were just too many other things going on. First there was the Paralympics (and US Open tennis and Davis Cup). Then once that was all over and I was wondering what to do now there wasn't any sport on I ended up going out four nights in a row and Saturday. And getting into a pattern of staying up late watching the Paralympics and waking up early and just getting tireder. Missy also got used to playing late, especially when I didn't get in until 10pm most evenings last week.

Much as I enjoyed the Paralympics, Channel 4's coverage was just not as good as the BBC's with the Olympics. There was half an hour in the evenings where there was no Paralympics on any channel. There was so much chat: even on the final day I ended up needing to watch the Wheelchair Rugby online because they were too busy recapping everything to show any actual sport. To say nothing of the marathons that I was looking forward to and they barely showed. There were a lot of sports that barely got shown - it was mostly swimming, athletics and cycling. Much as I enjoyed the swimming (especially as it wasn't on as late at night as the Olympic swimming). It didn't help that there was tennis on at the same time. Much as I got used to the adverts, I am glad not to have to watch any any more. They got very samey very quickly.

I went swimming on the last day of the Paralympics. I had a morning free, so I went. Last summer I tried the first day of the couch to 5K where, in 30 minutes, you run for 8 minutes in total, a minute at a time. I hadn't been swimming since before I got dizzy (nearly eight years ago) and I spent most of 30 minutes swimming. Very slowly, but I enjoyed it far more. I didn't half ache after that. I thought I'd got better by the time ballet went back, but then I discovered I hadn't really. And then I went out stewarding for a sponsored walk and bits of my legs have really not recovered at all.

In some spare minutes I have managed to write a first draft of my [info]femslashex fic. It is terrible, but it is above the word limit at least. I have managed not to sign up for the Stargate Atlantis secret santa this year. But I am thinking of signing up to [info]public_call instead. I worked out my Yuletide requests some time ago, now I just need to narrow down my offers. But I am glad two (or more) people nominated SJA - I thought about it, but having worked out what three fandoms I wanted I nominated those in order to make sure they were there.

Of course, it being September, lots of TV started up, even though there was still a lot of sport on TV. The only thing I'm up-to-date on is Red Dwarf XI. In fact, more than up-to-date because I've been watching it on UKTV Play. I liked the second episode better than the first. I am still taping them, so I can watch them again, although I'll be asking for the DVD for Christmas or buying it myself anyway. It is Red Dwarf, after all.

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The Paralympics is on, which is why I don't really have the time for anything else. Despite there not being as much to watch as the Olympics all the good stuff is late at night, which has meant I've been staying up later than I intend to. The adverts are a pain, although I am getting used to them. But not so much that I will watch them any time before the next Paralympics.

Technically this weekend is my only free weekend this month, but since it's also the Davis Cup, I don't know how I'm going to fit all this sport in, even without going anywhere. To say nothing of needing to clean the house and do some gardening.

In other news, I got the exact fandom and pairing I was hoping I'd get for femslash. I have some ideas, I'm just waiting for the sport to stop so I have some time to write. I also did well in my assignment - there weren't many people I could have matched with but all the others had no prompt and/or letter.

There is so much on TV now it's September. I haven't watched most of it, what with there being sport on TV. But I am more used to watching TV around Missy playing in the evening (largely because her idea of playing consists of sitting in her cornflake box, but still), so maybe I'll actually catch up with some on weekdays I'm in. But since next week is my first week of going out three nights, I don't know if that'll happen...

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I've seen various things in various places about people who are members of minorities talking about how important it is to them to see their minority on TV/in films etc. Which has never really applied to me because I'm not a minority. And then I remembered I am.

I got very excited when Big Finish's UNIT box set arrived. But because I was ill I didn't get a chance to listen to it before Counter-Measures arrived. Which I listened to first because I was more excited about Counter-Measures than UNIT (much as I love Kate, I love Rachel, Allison & Gilmore more). In it was a scene that reminded me Rachel was Jewish. In fact the scene suggested that her parents were really religious, but she doesn't seem to be. It reminded me that you don't get many Jewish people in books/TV etc in this country (you do in American series, but then there are more Jews in America).

Of course, you have no way of knowing what most people's religions are since most people in this country are not religious. There's a default assumption that everyone's Church of England, where churches are for baptisms, marriages and funerals, Christmas is for presents and arguing with your relatives and Easter is for eating chocolate. And the religious make-up of the country says that you'd probably be right if that's what you assume. There are just non-religious people of other religions about and it was nice to realise I was listening to one on audio.

A side-note about minorities, because this amused me at the time and I never said anything about it then. But last year (I think) I was looking at a ficathon about women and one of the criteria for characters you could nominate mentioned the women in question considering themselves a minority. I thought that rules out Lynda Day...

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Crazy week

Jun. 25th, 2016 08:02 pm
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I knew this was going to be a bit of a crazy week, but it ended up being worse than I thought. I knew work was going to be busy and I was out three nights in a row. It turns out that work was so busy that I managed to go out one night and the other two I was still working/brain dead from work. But other things happened too:

I went to see Coldplay on Sunday night. It was really good, but we didn't leave until after the tennis, so made it to our seats 5 minutes before Coldplay were due on. I remembered to wear ear plugs this time, which made it really weird singing when I couldn't hear myself properly, and scared me when I took them out and heard the rain/people leaving. But I left without any (extra) ringing in my ears.

Because I wasn't going to make the last train back, I stayed at my sister's (and then had Monday off, meaning that I then needed to get five days work done in the space of four). Her house is so big and roomy it's hard to get back to my small, crowded house (in comparison). It was lovely and quiet though - I never heard my sister get up and go downstairs for breakfast, even though I was awake when she did it. And I had my own bathroom, since her spare room has an ensuite.

I didn't get much blogging done last week because I was writing. I have to post my Unconventional Courtship fic tomorrow and my NPT fic is due soon. They are at least both nearly finished, before I ended up not having time or brain to work on them.

It feels strange that Tim Peake is back on Earth. I got used to him posting photos and time-lapse videos from the ISS on twitter.

I've been watching Episodes and really enjoying it. And then Stephen Mangan was on last night's Last Leg and suddenly his moustache from Very British Problems was all explained when they mentioned he'd been playing Postman

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I've sort of been doing some spring cleaning this week. I say sort of, because I had the whole car battery debacle on Friday (which I had off) when doing various bits of shopping and trip to the tip. Then Saturday I cleaned the house - I hadn't cleaned it for four weeks because I hadn't been well enough, so it was disgusting. It's so nice an clean now, but that took all day, with rests. Then today I was too worn out from the previous days that I didn't get much done (but did get some stuff done that needed doing and I could do sitting down).

The other reason I say sort of is because it hasn't actually involved any cleaning, just going through things to get rid of stuff. And by get rid of I mean put in piles in the spare room, so I can't get to anything in there. At some point I need to work out where to get rid of it. And I still haven't finished the getting rid of things part either. But it's a start.

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I've been meaning to post, but real life has been a bit real recently...

Last week I was woken up at 1am by the smoke alarm, which beeped a bit (properly beeped, not just chirped). When the smoke alarm goes off you are awake. After establishing there was no fire anywhere and googling reasons why it had gone off I'd determined it could wait until the morning and managed to calm myself down enough to turn the light off and attempt going back to sleep. At which point it went off again. Long story short, I ended up calling the fire brigade up, who established there was definitely no fire, using their heat detector. They found Missy, though (who was asleep until fireman were there and something interesting was going on).

Since my smoke alarms are mains-operated, the firemen couldn't actually check them, just put up some battery operated ones (and I turned the mains smoke alarms off) and they told me to get an electrician to look at it. Which I am still working on, a week and a bit later. It seems like the electricians on checkatrade are all so busy they either don't really want the work and/or won't answer messages/the phone.

While I was trying to get an electrician I thought I'd try and get someone to wash the windows, given that I've been meaning to do it for two years. Which turns out to be just as hard...

Meanwhile getting someone to clean my cooker (as part of the warranty-like thing I have with Currys) involves calling them so they can arrange the cleaner to call me to arrange an appointment. That took a week, but is at least sorted (I'd only been putting that off for two months, but it's a yearly thing...).

Wednesday went terribly with trying to meet up with [info]just_ann_now (and [info]jay_of_lasgalen and [info]falling_towers). It was partially the Natural History Musseum's fault for having two entrances and a dinosaur at each entrance, and my fault for being unable to read the big red "You are here" sticker on a map. After that things went better and I got home later than I'd intended because [info]falling_towers and I were having fun in Harrods. The most expensive thing we came across, without looking that hard, was a bookcase with no back (so no use for books) for £19,000.

Last weekend I was also in London, this time for the European Swimming Championships. It was horribly hot and humid, but we knew that in advance. For some crazy reason they wouldn't let us take food in, so we got home late because we were trying to find some food in the shopping centre (the pasta place that looked nice and had gluten free pasta, failed to have any gluten free pasta). But I did end up with some strawberry sorbet. The swimming itself was fun and much better than on TV, where you can't really see much.

Yesterday I went to the recycling centre, to get rid of some stuff. I thought I'd only be there a minute and was actually there over an hour because my battery decided it didn't like this car starting idea any more (but was quite happy to work all the rest of the electronics). The only good thing was that it was (amazingly) still in warranty, so at least the new battery was free.

It has really turned into one of those months.

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March is a busy month. Two weekends ago I went to Rotary Conference. It was good, but did only involve 13 hours sleep over two nights. And I did [info]selenay on the way home when I came off the motorway and then got back on it again. The next junction turned out to be one where you couldn't get back on the motorway going the other way, and the sat nav was trying to take me through a city I have no intention of driving through ever (aside from that one driving lesson where I didn't have a choice). So we went the pretty way home, which involved mostly ignoring the sat nav.

After that I was out nearly every night and finally managed to catch up on my sleep last weekend. And then I got a cold. I can't have just a cold, because I don't have the energy to spare to deal with it, and it sets my dizziness off. But I hate having to stop everything just for a cold. After a week it's still not completely gone and I am still sleeping sitting up because it set my asthma off.

So all the things I was going to last week and this weekend, since they were petty quiet, haven't really been done. I have done a whole load of things off my to do list that needed doing. I have done some cleaning. Some things will just have to wait until I'm properly better.

While I was away a friend came in to feed Missy. But she didn't like that there wasn't someone around to talk to her and play with her. So it didn't help that I then wasn't in in the evenings and then was too ill for a while to be sitting up playing with her. I think she's forgiven me now.

I have proved (to myself anyway) that she can definitely see me on the sofa from where she is. There are times when I've looked over at her and her reaction is to stick her nose out of the bars, even though I haven't said anything (if I speak to her she sticks her nose out of the bars). She definitely watches me as much as I watch her and wants to know what I'm doing.

She is definitely cat-like in one aspect. There are times when it's convenient for me to play with her, but I can't convince her to come out and play. But once I'm sitting down watching TV, then she wants to play. She doesn't like being stroked or picked up, so I can only play with her when she wants to.

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I kept meaning to post, but just not getting to it. Which is the theme of this month really. I've got 400 words on my [info]dw_guestfest fic, but no idea where it really goes from there. And keep not being motivated/awake enough to poke at it. I seem to be in a period where my body has decided I don't need to sleep much past 6am, even on days when I don't have to get up early.

Last weekend I went to the tennis in Birmingham. It was good fun, but I disliked the hype before the match with t-shirt shooters and a DJ. I don't mind the music at changeovers, or Stirling Uni Barmy Army, but other than that I like the quiet. But we won, so that's all that matters :) My sister pointed out that she could take a photo from her Apple Watch - so I held up her phone and she took the picture. Completely silly.

Missy has met her first stranger and was very good. Mostly she was just confused about something different going on. She also, on a different night, fell off my lap when I wasn't quite quick enough to catch her (she likes to hang off my knees). She's been a bit more restrained since, but I don't know how long that will last.

I'm looking forward to it being the end of next week when things will calm down a bit this month.

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Not posting

Dec. 6th, 2015 05:30 pm
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I haven't posted, or done much commenting for a while. In short, November was crap, I only had so much free time (and brain) and this was not top of the list. Work was most of the culprit. It included a week when I had a half day off and still did six hours of work that week (none of it between 1pm and about 6.45pm). My evenings have involved getting home late, having dinner, and either doing more work or watching some TV that doesn't require a brain, and falling into bed soon after. It doesn't leave much time for doing anything. And the weekends have consisted of chores and writing and tennis.

The tennis will need a separate entry, but I felt the need to explain the lack of posting first.

I did give myself a silly injury - I hurt the balls of my feet. It's only once they hurt that you discover how much you use them. It was driving that particularly made them worse, I think. Plus stress is never a help for getting better. It was a few days before I found what had caused it. I'd come out of work really late and stressed one day, and the cat was by the door, waiting for people to come out and stroke her. I crouched down and she got in my lap. It did wonders for my stress level, having her purring and loving me, so I stayed there until I really couldn't any more. Guess which part of your feet you put all your weight on when crouching? Yes, it's the balls of your feet. I probably exacerbated it by practising some ballet two days later.

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Sep. 27th, 2015 08:20 pm
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1. I am doing terribly at catching up on telly. I am currently only up-to-date on Doctor Who (because otherwise I'd have to avoid the whole internet) and Mock the Week (because it gets out of date quickly). I'm hoping to get round to last week's Downton Abbey this week...

2. In changing the time of year I pay my car tax I have complicated it. And because you don't have paper things to put in the car window any more it's not obvious when it's taxed until. And by not obvious I mean the DVLA website gives me two different dates in two different places. Fortunately, I haven't got rid of my last tax disc yet, so I know the DVLA is wrong. In both places. But I can't currently tax my car without paying twice for September. I'm rather hoping that will change at some point so I can drive my car after Wednesday...

3. Ballet went back this week. My legs still hurt when I try and go on tiptoe to reach anything high...

4. I am going to see wheelchair rugby in October! I have no interest in rugby, but murderball is fun and is simple to understand.

5. I am not currently allowing myself to buy books, after Hay-on-Wye. So of course I keep wanting some. But maybe I can ask for them for Christmas.

6. I finally managed to start on my [info]dw_remix fic. No idea what I'm going to write for my [info]sga-secretsanta fic, but I have been re-watching some Stargate: Atlantis as research. Have failed to narrow down my Yuletide nominations to three so far.

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I've been hiding from the world a bit, not posting and not commenting. A couple of weeks ago I had a really busy week at work (all 6 days of it...) but in the evenings I still got lots done. After that I decided I'd had enough of the pressure to get things done, so I didn't get anything done. Although I rested a lot I am paying for it now. But not so much that it stopped me from going to the Anniversary Games on Sunday. We got wet as the wind blew the rain on us, but it was still really good. Even though the Olympic Park is such a long way away - I can't wait for Crossrail to be finished.

The biggest thing that's getting to me at the moment is work. It's been so up in the air since Easter with people being made redundant and lots of things changing. It's hard to concentrate when you don't know what the future is going to involve. Or if I'll still have a job tomorrow.

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Jun. 11th, 2015 09:51 pm
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I was generally feeling unfit, due not having done a lot of exercise recently. And I've been saying for years that one day I'd like to run a 5k, just to prove that I could. So I thought why not this year?

So at the weekend I went on a 30 minute walk to prove to myself that I could definitely walk for that long, and downloaded the mp3s from the NHS Couch to 5k. Monday off I went...

Week 1 involves a 5 minute warm up and cool down (walking) then 60 seconds of running followed by 90 seconds of walking. The first run I did I thought I was going to die before 60 seconds were up (it felt like a long time). But I did get through all of the running bits, so I did feel a sense of achievement at that. However, I won't be doing it again....

Pros of running:
- will get you fit cheaply (except if you need to buy running shoes that I'll never then use again)
- I passed some rabbits on a running minute - it was the only time I didn't feel awful when running

Cons of running:
- I hate running. I knew that already, but now I have established that I really hate running. Walking is fine, running not so fine
- it set my asthma/hayfever off, so I went round with a hurting chest, runny nose and itchy eyes
- I couldn't stop and photograph the rabbits (not only because I didn't have a camera with me), although I did say hello to them and they didn't run away
- My legs have only just stopped aching
- It made me dizzy
- I just generally felt awful when I got home.

The last two were what really clinched it. Yesterday I went to ballet (despite my still aching from running legs). I walked 15 minutes to get there (quite fast as I left late) did an hour of ballet, then walked 15 minutes home (with a stop to stroke a friendly cat). And I felt great, despite my legs aching in more places. And ballet involves having to concentrate on what you're doing - you can't let your mind wander.

I still might do that 5k one day, but it won't be this year - I don't think my balance system is ready for that. I'll stick to the ballet (for another three weeks until term is over until September). But I will go for walks - and make them fast walks rather than pleasant strolls. But with stops for bunnies and cats (big advantage of walking over running) and maybe actually practice some ballet (which I always say I will and never do). And at some point I will go swimming - I love swimming, but I worry about how it'll make me feel, especially as the swimming pool is a 15 minute drive away. So I haven't been able to muster up the courage to go.

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At the moment it feels like my weekdays are spent working and my weekends are spent doing things around the house. I counted up my hours for the last week of May, which only had four working days in it, and I did six and a half days worth of hours. This week has been a bit better - I didn't do as much overtime, but it is the calm before the storm before it gets busier again next week.

Also this week, I went back to ballet. After not having been for eight months, and having a new teacher who did different things, I ended up with the muscles in my legs hurting. I have to stand on tiptoe to do a few things round the house (like closing the bathroom blind - and the only reason I can reach it at all is because I don't open it all the way) and that was painful. It made me very glad I have a step to stand on to open the garage door, otherwise I'd never have managed it.

On the writing front, I am at the stage of poking at my Remix fic in the hopes of improving it. It's just as well the deadline's still a couple of weeks away given the lack of time I have for writing. Not that that's going to stop me from signing up for [info]invisible-ficathon once I work out what I specifically want (rather than just going "I'd love something from that, but I don't know what".

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May. 25th, 2015 05:56 pm
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Last week was the worst week of the year in terms of being busy at work. I discovered that working through lunch is a bad idea - I felt terrible for ages after that. So I ended up doing a couple of hours from home in the evenings instead. Which meant I didn't have time for anything else this week. On the plus side, I haven't had to work this weekend - but then this week is going to be just as bad, except I get to start early as well.

On Saturday I went to London. I did a tour of BBC Broadcasting House, which was very interesting. Although part of it involved going to the BBC Radio Theatre, which I've already been to (when I saw The Now Show being recorded).

After all that and all the walking I did round London, and not getting home until late, I've then spent the rest of the (long) weekend lazing around recovering. Not helped by me waking up at 7am every morning for no reason.

At some point it'll calm down and I'll get to things. I have some Obscure & British prompts bookmarked, maybe some time over the summer I'll have time to write them...

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I am accident prone. It's probably due to not looking where I'm going half the time. I often discover bruises and not be able to remember how I got them. The biggest trouble is the bony bits - knees, elbows and hips. They stick out, so they're more likely to get hit and hurt more when you do.

This week I've had some unexplained bits that hurt that aren't bruises. On Monday morning at work my knee randomly started hurting. I assumed it was because I'd sat funny and it would get better. But it didn't. It's better now. No idea what that was. It is a dodgy knee - I got housemaid's knee in it from too much spring clean and then found that too much walking set it off (which is why I now wear walking shoes if I'm doing a lot of walking). It wasn't the same pain though. So I probably did just sit funny, who knows.

My left elbow started off then. At work I use a mouse with my left hand because ages ago I had pain in my right wrist. Which turned out to be because I slept on it funny. I found it much easier to work with the mouse in my left hand, so I kept it like that. Going back to using it with the right has been really strange. No idea what's wrong with my elbow - it's not any of the obvious symptoms. I could have slept on it funny for all I know.

My left hand hurts at the moment because I've been playing on my iPod quite a bit this evening. So it could be related to that for all I know. I need to get better as using my iPod with my left hand - sadly I'm not very good at it with my right hand.

I just don't get injuries in normal ways. I have RSI in my right thumb - it was caused by too much cross stitch. There's all this talk of getting RSI from computer use and I have it from cross stitching and spring cleaning.

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April 2017

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