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Last Thursday, when I put the TV on for HIGNFY there was no signal. It turned out later that was because there was a fire at the transmitter. So I just watched it on the iPlayer.

Last night I put the dinner on and came to watch Doctor Who once it was halfway through – and found there was no sound. After playing about with aerials I concluded I didn’t know what the problem was, but since Doctor Who had finished by that point and it was on the iPlayer, I watched it there.

This morning I tried doing a factory reset and rescan, which had no effect. At which point I decided I’d have to have a look at the back of my PVR (I watch all TV through that because I can live pause and rewind, but can’t on the telly). So I pulled the stand out a bit – which was hard because it was heavy – and the picture flickered. At which point I checked the scart lead and the minute I pushed it back in the sound came back…

On the plus side, last night’s recordings all have sound in, so I can watch Confidential and The Prisoner today.

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