Been ill

Jun. 2nd, 2012 04:13 pm
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The reason I've not been about at all for the past week is that on Saturday I woke up dizzy and couldn't hear in my right ear. The hot weather didn't help but it takes a week before it's possible to do much other than lie around watching tennis and reading Chalet School books. I've also watched the last 15 episodes of Chuck, so I've finished that.

What with being ill I'll probably end up seeing more of the French Open than I will of Wimbledon, given that I'm only at work for three days of it. Although watching the tennis is hard because Jim Courier keeps on nattering about nothing of any interest or relation to the match you're watching and doesn't always stop when they're playing either. And that's not nearly as annoying as the camera panning around the stadium and spinning round to zoom into the player about to serve. And when Jim Courier doesn't shut up it's hard to work out at which point it's safe to open my eyes.

I hate the adverts. I keep having to mute them and then unmute them after and it's such a pain. Tennis shouldn't have advert breaks. But we're getting to see more than the BBC would have shown us, I expect.

But I'm going to see the women's semi-finals at Wimbledon. Or at least, I'm going on the second Thursday on centre court. So we are at least guaranteed to see some tennis.

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