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Yesterday I gave into the urge to watch the Star Wars prequels. Or at least, the bits with Ewan McGregor in (I am so behind on his filmography - I'd nearly caught up at one time too). It took me a while to get used to the English accent, but after a while I stopped thinking of it as Ewan McGregor using an accent and thinking that this is how Obi-Wan speaks. And it brought back so many memories - it was my first big fandom and first slash fandom.

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I've been either tired or trying to finish off my Yuletide fic or both. And then distracted by family things. Although my tendency to wake up early has given me some time to read some Yuletide fic.

I got three stories this year! Three!
The Librarian: Charlene is all about Charlene and how she came to work for the Library. I love that it's all about Charlene and just how you'd imagine it.

The Librarian/The Librarians: 5 Requests for Receipts involves receipt requests and Charlene. It's amusing and in character.

Quantum Leap: Just Add Marshmallows is a sweet Sam & Al friendship drabble.

Yesterday we went to see Star Wars. I was dizzy before we went and my sister made us all leave early so the adverts had barely started when we got there. The trailers were nothing I'd ever want to watch and made me dizzy, so I gave up on those and closed my eyes. And then the very first part of the film was the Star Wars logo getting smaller and making me dizzier, which didn't seem to be a good sign... But apart from getting my sister to read me out the beginning crawl, I just didn't watch the hyperspace bits or the space battles and I was fine (ish). And didn't miss anything.

On the whole, I'd say it was all right. I don't know why everyone's raving about it, but then I don't know why people rave about the original film either. But it did explain why someone at the work Christmas party (which had a Star Wars/sci-fi theme) had their hair in a silly style.

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I read a long Star Wars TPM fic this week, after having not read any for years, I think. It mentioned events from films II and III that I really don't remember that well (even after playing Lego Star Wars). It reminded me of a few things from the Jedi Apprentice books that I'd forgotten.

One of the few things I remembered was that Obi-Wan has a friend called Siri, who's a girl. Since I've never heard that name anywhere else, it's very weird to hear Siri with a man's name on Apple products. Although somehow that was marginally less weird than hearing it having the same voice as the Siri joke on The Now Show - that being the place where I first heard the voice.

It's made me all nostalgic, wanting to watch the films (I think I have II and III - they do have Ewan McGregor in, so it seems likely, despite the beard), read the books and read the fics.

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