May. 25th, 2013 08:24 pm
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For my [info]intoabar fic I am writing a Stargate and House of Anubis crossover, thus guaranteeing that no one will read it. But for research I watched an episode of Stargate on Pick TV* last night. And it reminded me just how much I liked it. It was a good episode, I checked before I watched it (Fragile Balance, aka the one with the young Jack O'Neill in). I liked the original team and the small episodes and the times when someone's eyes flash suddenly and you realise they're a Goa'uld. And watching it reminds me of the fun I had at Stargate conventions with a group of people I mostly lost touch with.

*I have no idea what Pick TV is all about, except that it shows Stargate every night

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Now that we’ve had ten (ish, since two of them were stuck together) episodes of Stargate Universe, I thought I’d demonstrate just how crap I am at working out people’s names in TV programmes. Although, it has to be said the Confidential-type programme after the first (two) episode(s) helped a lot.

There might be spoilers below for the episodes that have been shown.

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