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Right at the end of the news on Radio 5 at 6pm on my way home, I heard that Taggart has been cancelled. The BBC report makes it sound hopeful that it will continue, but I can't tell if that's realistic or just STV trying to sound optimistic.

It's so annoying that ITV have now got rid of half the crime drama I watch. Admittedly, all the good crime drama is on ITV, but it seems like they're on a mission to get rid of all the good stuff they show, so they can show completely rubbish instead.

I really liked Taggart - it was different from the other murder mysteries. It was on after the watershed for a start, so it was always more horrid stuff. The thing that sticks in my memory was when Taggart was still alive and the victim was a man whose parachute cord had been cut. He'd fallen through a greenhouse and his head ended up on the other side of it to his body. It was the one time I remember Taggart being a bit not wanting to be near the crime scene too long, but the doctor was quite excited by the whole thing.

(Although ITV4 does show The Professionals and The Sweeney, which if I didn't have a job I'd totally be watching every day, but as it is I can't keep up. But it comes to something that you have to go and watch stuff from th$e 70s and 80s in order to get decent crime drama.)

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