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I am sad that the Australian Open is now over. It was good, although people had a tendency to interrupt at work on matchpoint. At least this morning's final was uninterrupted. If only because I didn't get dressed until after it was over - it was just too exciting to miss! It was good to see Roger vs Rafa again and I wish they could both have won.

Next weekend is the Davis Cup, but it's annoyingly in Ottawa, which means it'll be in the evening and night. If it goes to a fifth rubber staying awake will be hard.

I really want to go to Wimbledon. It's been years since we got anything in the ballot - if we don't get anything this year we might just go and queue on a quiet day.

I should be spending some of the weekend writing or catching up on TV. I haven't been doing very well on that, but I have done a lot of random surfing and YouTube video watching. Which weren't really on my to do list...

My Chocolate Box fic is finished and in beta. I uploaded it then couldn't think of a title, so it's still in draft format on AO3. I have some treats I have ideas and bits of fic for, I just need to get round to writing them.

For Het Swap there are two people I can write for. I have bits of ideas for both of them, so hopefully I can make one of them into a whole idea, whichever one I end up getting assigned to.

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I am excited about the Australian Open. it feels like the tennis season has really started now. But what's made me particularly excited is that I bought a digital radio, so I can listen to the evening session on 5 Live Sports Extra in the mornings at work. As much as it's good that The Tennis Podcast is doing daily episodes, it's not as exciting as listening to it at the time when no one knows who is going to win.

What I Just Finished Reading
Into Exile, A Proper Place and Hostages to Fortune by Joan Lingard. These are the Kevin and Sadie stories set after they leave Belfast in Across the Barricades. I read them in a weekend, which tells you how much I liked them (plus how short they were...).

It was interesting to see how they were surviving on their own in England and how the pressure from their families, and their lack of money and stability affected them and their relationship. I was rooting for them to stay together, but it could have easily gone another way at quite a few points.

This is set in the 1970s when it was written, so it was also interesting to see that time, where telegrams were the best way of getting a message to someone quickly, for example. And Sadie does all of the cooking and housework, despite them both having jobs (at least to start with, until she complains at Kevin about it).

The thing I struggled with was that I found it hard to relate to because they get married between books 2 & 3 when Sadie is 17 and Kevin is 19 (I think). I can't imagine being married at that age.

What I'm Currently Reading
The Twelfth of July by Joan Lingard. I decided to leave the first book until last, to see how they first met. I am rationing myself with this one, to make it last. So far it's interesting, but since Sadie's only 13, there's not going to be romance in it. But there is more of the religious troubles and fighting and bits that I liked in Across the Barricades.

What I'm Reading Next
I'm trying to resist re-reading Across the Barricades. I discovered there's a trilogy of Librarians books, although only the first is out. It's $21 for the hardback on or £22 for the hardback on So that's not a rip-off at all... Not that the paperback is out yet, but it's £8, which is a bit steep for a book, even a new one.

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Not posting

Dec. 4th, 2016 08:35 pm
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I've been putting off posting because I've been feeling guilty for not having really done anything. My productive writing October turned into not really writing November.

The story written for me for Public Call went live:
This Definitely Isn't Croydon (1196 words) by ginger_timelady
Fandom: Doctor Who & Related Fandoms
Characters: Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan
Summary: The Doctor has left Sarah Jane on Earth, and it isn't in Croydon. Yet somehow, it's where she needs to be.

I got through season 1 of The West Wing. And then took ages before I started season 2 and felt guilty for leaving Josh dying on the pavement for that long.

This weekend I went to the Albert Hall to see the tennis. The trains were horribly busy, which I seem to remember hating last year too. So the journey was horrible, but the tennis was fun. There was one particularly hilarious point with the exhibition doubles where all four players ended up on the same side of the net.

Hawkeye equivalent was everyone in the crowd holding up a sign saying In or Out and the umpire deciding which there was more of. Santoro was a bit miffed that the crowd were on Rusedski's side. They were even more on Bahrami's side, who successfully challenged a ball that was a long way out. He hit two balls up so high they didn't come back.

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Nov. 20th, 2016 04:31 pm
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On Wednesday I sneezed and made my pulled muscle worse. And then on Friday it was suddenly so much better. At first I thought switching from paracetamol to ibuprofen had made the difference, but then it never got more painful after that.

I have had a busy weekend, getting lots of things done. I learnt that hoovering with my left hand hurts just as much as hoovering with my right, but hoovering with both was better. I went to the pet shop and wanted to take all the rabbits home. Especially one that came to see me when I spoke to them, and then licked the glass.

I bought Missy a toy that hangs up and has wooden things on it. It's the sort of wood she likes chewing, but she's spent most of her time with it on the string - she doesn't like hanging things, she always takes them down. It's safety pinned to the sofa, so it'll take her a little while as she can't spend the whole night working on it.

I got my Public Call fic done, which was just as well given that the deadline is this evening. I've also finished my Yuletide fic, for a given value of finished, given that I keep tinkering with it.

And I've started rewatching The West Wing. Since my pulled muscle means it hurts to laugh I had to find something that wasn't funny. And since I've been watching a lot of funny stuff on catch up, I keep using up my internet, so it had to be something I didn't need to stream. I've been wanting to rewatch The West Wing since I introduced my parents to it a few years ago and then caught an episode when I was home one weekend. I keep racing through it, partly because there's not a lot on at the moment, partly because I want to get to the bits I vaguely remember, but don't know when they are (and I am avoiding episode guides because I don't want to know in advance).

It was only after I started that I looked at my DVDs and thought that I should have considered The Bill - I have quite a few DVDs of half hour episodes from the 80s that I haven't watched. Or The Avengers - I have all the Emma Peel episodes and I've seen all the ones 'in color' but I can't remember which black & white ones I've seen. But now I've started The West Wing, I'll finish it first.

Of course this week has been tennis. I am disappointed that they won't show the doubles (of course) or the evening matches, and that Jamie and Bruno got knocked out in the semi-finals. But it is exciting that they're the number one doubles team this year. And Andy is the number one singles player this year. There's just the match in a couple of hours to decide who ends up number one in the rankings. I am hoping for a Murray victory of course, but I'd like either a decisive Murray win or a very close match with either winning. And come February there'll be another round of Murray vs Raonic when we play Canada (away) in the Davis Cup.

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Nov. 13th, 2016 05:13 pm
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After a week's 'rest' my pulled muscle seems to have settled down to a low level pain and I'm getting used to doing more things with my left hand. Although if it still hurts next weekend I'm going to have to try hoovering left handed - which I have attempted before and found it really hard.

But there is tennis this week, which makes everything more exciting. And it is more exciting than usual - Murray could be back down to number two a week on Monday. And Jamie & Bruno could end up the number one doubles team. Who knows!

Although this afternoon's match didn't live up to the promise of the first set. However, it was interesting to see Dominic Thiem play because I'd heard of him, but never seen him play before.

Although I wish they'd make players wear different colours - I spent half my time being confused as to which was which, especially in that long tie break. The only way I could tell was that I can recognise Djokovic's playing style.

Before it started I wished I was going to the O2 to see it. And then once it had I remembered why I was glad I wasn't: it's expensive and you only get to see two matches, you have to sit in the dark, it takes ages to get there, and they got silly about taking food and empty water bottles in there. I am instead going to see the old gits at the Albert Hall next month. Far more fun.

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I kept meaning to post, but just not getting to it. Which is the theme of this month really. I've got 400 words on my [info]dw_guestfest fic, but no idea where it really goes from there. And keep not being motivated/awake enough to poke at it. I seem to be in a period where my body has decided I don't need to sleep much past 6am, even on days when I don't have to get up early.

Last weekend I went to the tennis in Birmingham. It was good fun, but I disliked the hype before the match with t-shirt shooters and a DJ. I don't mind the music at changeovers, or Stirling Uni Barmy Army, but other than that I like the quiet. But we won, so that's all that matters :) My sister pointed out that she could take a photo from her Apple Watch - so I held up her phone and she took the picture. Completely silly.

Missy has met her first stranger and was very good. Mostly she was just confused about something different going on. She also, on a different night, fell off my lap when I wasn't quite quick enough to catch her (she likes to hang off my knees). She's been a bit more restrained since, but I don't know how long that will last.

I'm looking forward to it being the end of next week when things will calm down a bit this month.

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I finally posted The Librarians sword fighting fic I've been working on for ages: The Swashbucklers.

I have failed to start on my [info]unconventionalcourtship and my [info]dw_guestfest fics. Which is partly why I ended up not signing up for Rare Women.

Since it's March it's Back to Middle-earth Month. For me this is going to be a reading year. Or it will be - so far I've read the stories posted on the 1st March and the rest are sitting around waiting to be read. I will get to them eventually.

My neighbours moved out this weekend. The house isn't for sale or rent though, so presumably the landlord and landlady are doing something privately. It is very quiet without the back door and back gate slamming. I wait and see what the next people will be like (I've had three sets of neighbours on that side in the three and a half years I've lived here).

Tennis! It was long and exciting and tiring. I'm glad I didn't go to Rotary Conference because I got to watch it (and also because it was just too soon after Redemption). And we beat USA. So now we wait with baited breath to see whether July's match against France is going to be in England or Scotland (I'd like to go and watch it, but not so much that I'm willing to go a long way).

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I had the day off today to watch Wimbledon and this was the view I had from my sofa:

Wimbledon watching

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Yesterday I went to see the finals at Queens. We hoped for fourth time lucky on seeing a whole singles final and a whole doubles final. We'll be hoping for fifth time lucky next year...

The problem with this year was the cold. It was all right when the sun came out or the wind didn't blow, but sadly that didn't happen often. We decided to miss the whole of the first set to go and warm up. Although the only really warm place were the toilets, which were very nice, but not the best place to hang out.

I am really tired today. Because they had a charity match afterwards and both matches went to a match tiebreak/third set (which was good - you don't want a one-sided final) it meant that we were there for the best part of nine hours. I'll put up my photos and talk about the tennis later this week when I've woken up a bit.

On the plus side, I wore my new walking shoes. I didn't do much walking, but after nearly twelve hours in them they still felt comfortable. I can't say the same about the old ones, so they're definitely an improvement in that respect.

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May. 26th, 2014 09:09 pm
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Roland Garros started yesterday, and with it the start of six weeks of tennis (with one week off). With the exception of bits of the Australian Open, Davis Cup (when we're not in group 2) and bits of the ATP Tour Finals, this the only time it's actually on TV. I haven't actually watched any of it yet because I've been tired, recovering from having gone to Manchester. It's particularly hard to watch the French Open when tired because:

  1. It's on ITV, so it has adverts. It means you can't just have it on and pay a bit of attention to it now and again unless you have it muted. And even then, those adverts get so repetitive every time they sit down.
  2. Jim Courier, who hasn't learnt the art of stopping talking when players are playing. It makes it so much harder to concentrate. Plus he rambles on about unimportant stuff and is an idiot. And American.
  3. The camera men are really fond of panning round the crowd and/or around from above and spiralling in on a player. That doesn't help with the dizziness. But I do know more about how Roland Garros looks than the Australian Open and I've been to the latter (for a tour - not when it's on).

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Today is a bank holiday for May Day. It's so nice to have a three day weekend - Saturday I went out, yesterday I gardened (weeding really uses the muscles in your bum), so today I am doing not much. Which I am counting as celebrating my birthday. Well, I opened my presents and cards, and later I will be watching Midsomer Murders and playing Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. I have:
- chocolate
- cheese (which I'd already started and wasn't wrapped)
- some sponges
- the latest Science of Discworld book
- a guillotine (the paper cutting kind, not the head cutting type)
- a bag with bunnies on
I also have the latest Coldplay CD and a book coming when the CD is released.

The bad news for the day is that Elena Baltacha died. She's a British tennis player who amazingly got to the top 50. She retired late last year then was diagnosed with liver cancer. She was only 30. It's not fair that someone so young and fit and healthy could get cancer and die of it.

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A few bits

Jan. 24th, 2014 09:05 pm
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I was going to post earlier in the week, but then I spent half of Wednesday afternoon when I should have been working, trying to establish why my internet was down, which knocked me out for the evening.

In other news:

My bedroom light switch fell off. In fact it was about a week and a half ago, but of all the things that have broken/fallen off in this house it's one I've never come across anything like before. But given that it's fixed with clips on other side (which have broken) and it regularly gets moved about when I turn the light on and off I suppose it's not that surprising. I am hoping that when I'm well enough I'll be able to find something to replace the switch, rather than needing to get the whole box on the wall replaced.

The people across the road have moved. Which wouldn't ordinarily been that exciting news, but they're the ones who owned the friendly cat and I will miss him (if not hi 'help' with the weeding).

The advantage of working from home this week is that I've been able to have the Australian Open tennis on in the background. Although I've been too busy to pay it much attention and this morning it was only on the TV, not on the radio and you can't do anything else while watching tennis. And it seemed like every time I looked up they were spinning the camera around. I am looking forward to the Men's Final on Sunday, though, it could be interesting. Or it could be a complete thrashing.

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Nov. 11th, 2013 07:28 pm
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Yesterday I went to the tennis in London to see the first semi-finals (and took a whole load of photos).

We saw two good matches. The doubles was really close for the first set and both teams kept having set points in the first set tie break. But I clearly wasn't concentrating when it came to the second set because I only knew it was match point when the screens around flashed it up.

Then we got to see Federer vs Nadal. Since most of the crowd were cheering for Federer, we cheered for Nadal. That match also had a good, close first set. I was definitely not concentrating towards the start of the second set (watching tennis is tiring) and then Federer just started playing badly and it was all over all of a sudden.

The craziest part was getting there. The train there and the train back were both really crowded (definitely going on the Saturday next time). Then on the tube we only needed to go two stops before changing to the Jubilee. We'd gone a couple of stops past that point before I realised neither of us had been paying attention to where we were. So we just changed later instead (and had a longer walk).

When we came to the Jubilee line I only looked vaguely at the lists of stops and chose the one with the longer list. And I thought it was going in the right direction, but I have a tendency to get confused between East and West unless I stop to think about it. We'd gone two stops before my sister pointed out we were going the wrong way.

Except when we got off and tried to go back the way we came we find they'd been a fire incident a couple of stops on and there were no trains. Despite my sister complaining the DLR is slow we went there to go an alternative route. And find it wasn't running.

We made our way back to the Jubilee line to find we'd ended up at the station where the trains were running from. Because the Sunday trains were so infrequent we'd had to get to London really early in order to make sure to get there in time. We ended up getting there just nicely in time to be in our seats ten minutes before it started.

Mind you, finding our seats wasn't that easy. After wondering why there were no seats between 152 and 167 on our row, we eventually worked out that the letters were the ones on the end of the row of seats, not the ones on the floor. We were the first there as well, so we got to tell everyone else confused looking for their seats where to go.

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We have terrible luck with seeing tennis at Queens. We went to the final two years ago because I couldn't get time off during Wimbledon and it rained all day. So we went again last year and we didn't manage a whole singles match due to Nalbandian. This year, due to the weather, we didn't get to see the doubles match, which started an hour after the singles and finished just before it (we could hear the umpire and applause from court 1 on centre court). So we're going to have to go again next year.

But for this year...

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Busy week

Jun. 9th, 2013 08:04 pm
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This week's been a crazy week - it felt like November in terms of the amount of work I did and how brain dead it made me. I had three things on in the evenings this week and had training two days. I still had to do some work around the training, so I ended up working 10 hour days on those days and 8-9 on the others, so I ended up doing 6 days worth of hours in 5 days. And dreaming about working on two nights, so I felt like I hadn't had any rest at all.

The highlight of my week was discovering some hayfever pills that don't have lactose in. And spending Friday evening watching one of the men's semi-finals at Roland Garros and Saturday morning watching the other. It's about all I've been good for this weekend. Although I hate the camera men on it - they're obsessed with panning over the crowd and spiralling and making me dizzy. I'm not that interested in the crowd or the stadium, showing me the players will do nicely.

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Yesterday I went to the tennis at the O2 and took 44 photos. They keep it dark in there, with the court lit when they're playing and spotlights when they're not. So my photos are a bit variable because sometimes they came out better with flash, sometimes they came out better without flash, and when I did turn flash off they come out blurry if I move the camera. But I didn't upload the blurriest ones.

We got there in plenty of time and found that Federer was practising on the court, rather than on the practise courts. Our seats were not only close to the action, they were close to where the players come out. Which meant that it filled up with children wanting autographs at the end of the match. But it was still the closest we've sat to a tennis match, which was exciting.

The first match was Bryan/Bryan vs Paes/Stepanek. The Bryan brothers always wear the same kit anyway, but Paes and Stepanek were colour coordinated with blue shirts and black shorts. Every time we see the Bryan brothers play they lose. So we supported Paes/Stepanek (who won).

The umpire was amusing in this match. He shouted a correction to the line judge at one point that was really loud. I think he just wanted to get it in quick and got a bit overexcited. When he read the score out after that he did it very quietly. There was a point early on when one of the Bryans thought that a serve had touched the net, but the machine said it hadn't. So he spoke to the umpire about that. Then when they next served they had a let called and Bryan was gesturing "Thank you!".

They managed to finish just in time for the singles to start on time. Before they come out they get to stand in a whole load of smoke/dry ice. Del Potro came out first and while Federer waited he practically disappeared behind it all. Federer had a nice colour purple shirt and matching wristband and purple shoes. Del Potro had a luminous yellow shirt with some yellow on his shoes. Seriously, his shirt was brighter than the balls, and if you haven't seen one close-up, let me tell you that they're brighter than you'd think.

Most of the crowd was supporting Federer, we were supporting Del Potro. I'm not sure how we always end up supporting the opposite of who the crowd is, but we picked the winners yesterday!

Interestingly, on one of the hawkeye challenges Federer pointed to where the ball had landed and he was right. Another time Del Potro was challenging an 'out' call. Federer looked at the mark and nodded, to say it was on the line and he was right.

On the whole I really enjoyed the tennis - both matches were really good. And exciting as to who was going to qualify for the semi-finals. The other good news was that the tournament is going to be in London until 2015. Next year we're going to go to the semi-final afternoon match and definitely sitting near the front again, if we can, or else in the bottom section. I am starting to learn from experience that more expensive tickets really are better seats.

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Nov. 10th, 2012 09:12 pm
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Today I have discovered that laughing isn't good for my ability to breathe and my sore throat really is a proper sore throat because I am losing my voice due to talking. To find this out, I went to the tennis. Full report and photos tomorrow, when I have the energy.

But while I was there I was thinking about all the tennis we went to this year, all the tennis we plan to go to next year and how much it costs. My sister (who I go with) earns stupid amounts of money (in fact the amount she gets after tax/NI/pension etc is taken out of it is twice what I get), so she can justify it.

I use it as an alternative to a holiday. So going to the final of Queens costs just under £100 and Wimbledon can cost nearly as much, depending on when you get tickets for and what court, and the ATP final good seat we sat in today was £66. Which is all quite a lot of money, but it's all down to what I choose to spend my money on. Admittedly I'm not well enough to go on holiday, but aside from bills and food and petrol and social things, I spend all the money I don't save on books and going to see tennis.

Which I'm perfectly happy about.

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Nov. 5th, 2012 08:07 pm
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It's that time of year again. This year it's the fifth time there's tennis on in this country. This time it's the season ending 'top dog' competition for the men with The top 8 doubles and top 8 singles players.

Of course, as with everything that's not Wimbledon you're hard pressed to know there's any doubles going on at all if you're watching on telly. And only the afternoon matches are on TV, the evening ones are on the radio. And worse - digital radio, so I can't even listen to the afternoon matches at work. Although I've been so busy at work today that I only really had time to read the live text commentaries for about three games.

It'll get more exciting on Saturday when I'm going. I definitely won't be seeing Murray, since that'll be a group B day, but there is a chance of seeing Marray. But even if I don't, it'll still be exciting to watch. And dark.

In previous years we've sat in the cheap seats, which give you a good view, but they're very high up and a long way back. This year we're in the corner (because I can't look from side to side), but six rows from the front. Which will be the closest we've ever sat in any tennis match. And will complete my round up of all the tennis in this country this year, as I went to Queens, Wimbledon, the Olympic tennis and the Paralympic tennis.

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On the final day of the Olympic tennis I went to Wimbledon. On Court 1 while Murray was playing Federer in the gold medal match on Centre, but still. I did get to see Djokovic vs Del Potro, which I was excited about. I think I've seen Del Potro play once, the first year the ATP Tour Final was in London and I've never seen Djokovic play. I have photos of the green and pinky purple clashing colour scheme, not to mention some of the players at on my flickr account.

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I have a day off today to recover from going to the tennis in London yesterday. I was going to blog about why I haven't blogged for a while or replied to any posts etc, but then there was an incident that's front page news (in this country anyway). I wanted to talk about what happened for anyone who doesn't know (even if you don't follow tennis it'll be of interest), and to put the record straight about the crowd reaction because The Guardian at any rate is suggesting we were all in the wrong.

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