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I got 12 and a half hours of sleep last night. I finally don't feel tired - still a bit dizzy, but at least now if I sit down I can think.

While I was tired and dizzy I managed to write some first drafts of stuff. And today managed to finish one off - a short, silly Spooks fic, inspired by watching series 9 & 10 and noticing that Dimitri's top lip seems to be hairier at some times than others.
The MI-5 Moustache Growing Competition (308 words)
Characters: Harry Pearce, Dimitri Levendis, Ruth Evershed, Tariq Masood, Calum Reed, Erin Watts
Summary: It's November - time for Movember at MI-5.

I also put Sarah and Harry into the Unconventional Courtship Pairing Generator and the first summary it came up with was just perfect. So I know what I'm writing for [info]unconventionalcourtship next year.

And some snippets of WIPs because why not:

A post-series 10 Spooks fic that was supposed to be Dimitri/Erin and happy. But has turned out to be not very shippy or happy.

"I heard you had a bad day." Dimitri held up a bottle of wine when Erin opened the door.

"You look like you did too." He grimaced a little and ducked her hand, before she could touch his still-tender black eye.

By the time he'd poured them a glass each and brought them into the living room, she was wrapped in a blanket on the sofa. He moved it a little so he didn't sit on the edge of it.

"How's the river?"

"Wet." She took a big sip from her glass.

An Ian/Barbara fic about Ian and their son going to football matches, based on an audio where Ian says he supports Sunderland, but presumably goes to matches more local to where he lives now.

It was John's shouts that woke her up from an impromptu nap. She could always tell who had won from the amount of noise they made when they returned. Today was different. John was all smiles and quick to tell her "We won" and follow it by regaling her with tales of the goals scored, whether she wanted to know or not. Ian looked mournful, flopped on the sofa and refused to move. Barbara smiled sympathetically at Ian and leaned down to kiss him.

"Daddy lost." John informed her.

"It was terrible." Ian gave her puppy dog eyes, but honestly, it was only football.

A Librarian Charlene-centred fic set during the third film

He hung around for a bit longer while she stared at her screen and tried to remember her password. "Was there anything else?"

"Are... are you all right?"

"It's a hangover, Judson." She waved a hand at him. Just because he didn't get hangovers, the lucky bastard. "Go away."

Lynda Day at the Chalet School - which I haven't got to, but haven't forgotten.

Daphne sighed appreciatively. "It is nice to have English tea."

Her aunt chuckled. "Which is why I always have it, of course. It's always good to have a little taste of home, even though I haven't been back to England for a while. Jack thinks the journey is too much for us these days."

Daphne nodded. "You're not a school girl any more, Aunt Joey." Although her hair was grey and her face wrinkled, Joey Maynard's expression was much like a school girl thinking of mischief.

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