May. 10th, 2015

paranoidangel: Harry Sullivan, Harry Pearce, Harry Potter (Harrys)

I got 12 and a half hours of sleep last night. I finally don't feel tired - still a bit dizzy, but at least now if I sit down I can think.

While I was tired and dizzy I managed to write some first drafts of stuff. And today managed to finish one off - a short, silly Spooks fic, inspired by watching series 9 & 10 and noticing that Dimitri's top lip seems to be hairier at some times than others.
The MI-5 Moustache Growing Competition (308 words)
Characters: Harry Pearce, Dimitri Levendis, Ruth Evershed, Tariq Masood, Calum Reed, Erin Watts
Summary: It's November - time for Movember at MI-5.

I also put Sarah and Harry into the Unconventional Courtship Pairing Generator and the first summary it came up with was just perfect. So I know what I'm writing for [info]unconventionalcourtship next year.

And some snippets of WIPs because why not:

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