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I seem to always have more Big Finish audios to listen to than I have time to listen. I tend to listen to them on the way to work and since my journey is 20 minutes long it takes three or four days to get through one CD.

They've just done three CDs that are two one hour stories, rather one two hour story. Which, annoyingly, they're not planning to do often because people prefer the longer stories. I prefer the shorter because I can get one story listened to in one week. And I don't have to remember back so far as to what's happening. And it just zips along faster. I liked these.

The one I've just finished is Shadow Planet/World Apart, which is a Seven, Ace and Hex. As part of me going through my stuff and working out what to get rid of, I looked at my Big Finish CDs and thought, given that I've always got some to listen to, and a backlog of podcasts (which I listen to while cooking), am I ever going to listen to these again? I haven't answered that question, but listening to the latest audio made me realise how much I missed the Seven, Ace and Hex stuff and I want to re-listen to it.

And then there was the latest Short Trip, How to Win Planets and Influence People. I'd been looking forward to it for ages because it's Four, Sarah and Harry (finally!). And I'm sure it was originally due to come out much sooner. And then I was disappointed because Sarah and Harry barely feature in it, although they are important in the scenes they're in. But, despite that disappointment, I really enjoyed it. Rufus Hound was better than I expected as the Monk, mainly because I liked Graeme Garden better (mainly because it's Graeme Garden). The way it was done was good and I liked the story.

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Date: 2017-07-01 08:14 am (UTC)
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Aw, glad the Four, Sarah and Harry story was all right!

I keep listening to Eighth Doctor and other boxsets, so all the stories are less than an hour, but with an arc, and it really annoys me. I want the nice four-parters again, even though I listen to even less at a time and take even longer. The shorter ones just don't stick in my head, and New Who is that length, too - I like BF doing at least some at the old length for variation. I thought they must have stopped, so I'm glad to know they haven't!

And, yes, so hard to get rid of things like that, because you're guaranteed to want them when you do. I suppose there's the option of copying them to a drive or multiple memory sticks instead or something.

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