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A couple of weekends ago I went to the SJA Reunion one-day convention in Cardiff. I wasn't too sure about it, I had a bit of "who are these people, how do I know they know what they're doing" as if I know everyone in the world. But Katy Manning (Jo) was going to be there and I've never met her, so I went. If I'd been the sort of person who'd go up to her on the street (or train station platform) I'd have met her at Cardiff station where we were waiting for the train to the tiny little station that was just round the corner from the con. But I wasn't, so I didn't. But since I'd already planned to be a bit late (given that I got up at 6am!) and the train was late, I felt better knowing that at least I wouldn't be later than one of the guests. Incidentally, I ended up getting the same train back as John Leeson.

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Apr. 10th, 2013 08:47 pm
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The part of my social life that isn't the ordinary things I go to every week/fortnight (ie Rotary, ballet, choir) is suddenly so complicated!

I booked 17th May off work to go and see Star Trek on the basis that you can't book seats at my local cinema and I refuse to book in advance and still have to turn up early to get a decent seat. But in the day it'll be empty. And then they moved the date to the previous week and I can't have that off because suddenly everyone wants May off. So I can either go the week after it's out or in the evening - I am undecided on that front so far.

My oldest friend told me in January that she was getting married on 4th May, thereby rendering my thoughts of what I could do for my birthday pointless. I've had a save the date email (unsurprisingly from her boyfriend) and nothing since. She also mentioned something about her hen night and a date, but I've heard nothing. Which I am not surprised about, but it does mean I can't plan anything for those weekends. Since I'm not a fan of weddings I'm not going to chase her.

Then this year being the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who they've been doing lots of things, of which I've been to two. I thought about going to more, but they do seem to think that charging around £40 for about four hours of a mini-convention sort of thing is reasonable. Which I don't. I don't need two autographs and all I've heard so far from the two I've been to and the BFI recording from The Mind of Evil is mostly stuff I already knew.

I was waiting for a couple of events to go on sale, discovered they were today, then found their price is just as bad (and they haven't announced any guests yet). So I don't think that's worth it. So I was thinking that perhaps I'd go to one day of the stupidly big anniversary con they announced was going on over the anniversary weekend. And then my sister told me she might get married on 23rd November... This after two years of getting vague dates and nothing happening. I tried telling her at Easter that it's a rubbish date, but her reaction was to tell me I didn't have to go. I'd quite like not to go because I don't like weddings and this one will have my relatives at it, who I'll then have to spend the day trying to avoid. But I think I probably do have to go really.

Maybe I will make more of an effort to go to things like Collectormania and the things in London. All I really want is a pretty picture and a signature to prove I've met them and then I'll be happy. And it will work out cheaper. Big Finish did announce that they were moving their one day cons from somewhere that's two hours away by train to somewhere that's 50 minutes drive away. So I may go to that next year. And on the subject of cons, if you can get a day ticket to Worldcon, then I'll go to one day of that - the number of people that will be there I find really off-putting (I don't like big crowds), but one day I could manage and it's not often I'll have the chance to go to a Worldcon without leaving the country.

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