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I say things, it's going to be mostly tennis, let's be fair. This weekend is the sort of time we're used to seeing Davis Cup matches. What usually happens is we lose in the first round of the World Group in March, then play in September to try and get back in the World Group. Except that somehow (James Ward unexpectedly beat John Isner in the first round) this is our third match this year and it's the semi-finals. The team that wins the world group wins the Davis Cup proper.

Getting this far has meant that all the media are basically assuming we're going to win. Which is a bit counting chickens/crossing bridges/too many eggs. At both press conferences so far they've asked Andy Murray how he'll feel at getting into the final and not unreasonably he's replied that he'll answer that if and when we do.

(To any Australians reading this, ignore the above paragraph: we're going to thrash you this afternoon and there's never been any doubt about it)

Yesterday was the doubles. I like doubles - it tends to have more exciting points where players are volleying on reflex and rallies are shorter. This was one of those matches where you couldn't tell who was going to win until someone did. Which is exciting in a grand slam final where you don't care too much who wins. It's agonising when the players are representing their country. Good tennis, though. Lleyton Hewitt might have been around for a while and past his best, but he still knew his doubles. And it once again confirmed that Jamie is my favourite of the Murray brothers.

Doctor Who was back yesterday, but frankly, after four hours of exciting, agonising tennis, 45 minutes of half a story can't compete. I don't like two parters - I'd have saved it until next week if I could, but then I'd have had to avoid the whole internet and whole world and that's just not possible.

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Davis Cup

Sep. 20th, 2009 05:56 pm
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It’s been a weekend of thrills, excitement, hope, nervousness, patriotism, doubt and ultimately relegation. Yes, it’s been a weekend filled with British tennis. It’s really depressing when you think that we put our best men in there and couldn’t beat Poland, yet the Spanish B team still won their semi-final match. I think maybe we deserve to be down in Group II for being shit at tennis. Apart from Andy Murray and one man does not make a team.

In other news, there is no other news. I just really can’t be bothered this weekend and I’ve had a weekend of mostly just sleeping and watching the tennis.

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