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It’s been an… uneven week this week I think. But I am up to 2000 words in my Sarah & Harry ficathon fic and the high single digits in my first head exercise – which is a big improvement on the two I could manage at the weekend.

I discovered my freeserve account has been deleted. I was about to say it was my first email account, but it wasn’t, because we first had a general family one, that’s now just dad’s, and my second was my uni one. And the third. So it was my fourth email address in fact. I’ve had rather a lot since then…

It’s no good to me anymore anyway, since all I get on it is spam (which I had Gmail filter for me anyway) and I only used it for dial-up access. But Zen, who provide my ADSL, also give you a dial-up account, so I can just use that.

I also haven’t logged into my Gateworld account for a while, so all the emails will have been deleted and I’ll let it delete my account as well, I think. I just used it as a spam trap, so all that happened was that it was full of spam.

These days I filter my main email account through Gmail, so it gets spam checked twice and I rarely get any. Although Gmail likes to randomly decide emails are spam, which is less than helpful… And it would also be nice if hotmail and yahoo would believe my email address isn’t spam. It seems to be universally hated by both of them, which is really annoying.

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