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Let's not talk about how I've now had this cold for a week and a half (it's going away, but yesterday I got out of breath walking to the car and opening the garage and it wasn't that cold). Let's instead talk about the interesting, fun things I did when I wasn't ill.

We spent one day at Windsor Castle. The station had a huge Patisserie Valerie, where I had a very nice gluten free chocolate muffin. And at lunch we went to a burger place that have a gluten free menu. I had to get the chips off the ordinary menu, but the bun was definitely gluten free: it was very dry and fell apart. But still, it was quite exciting to have a burger in a bun when out.

On the non-food front... It was quite expensive, but you could get your ticket stamped and use it to come back again within a year. We found they do tours of other bits in the summer, so we'll try and do that (and get our money's worth!). We weren't allowed to take photos indoors, so spent quite a bit of money in the shop on postcards instead. The state rooms were pretty typical really. They were interesting, but I've seen quite a few. The best room was one that was filled with weapons. There was an amazing sword in one cabinet. The sword itself was wavy and the handle was white and completely impossible to hold. It depicted a small scene with a person and a horse and there were no straight bits. They did say on the multimedia tour (which was free at least) that those weapons were just for display. I wish I could have taken a photo of it - and of course it isn't on a postcard because most people wouldn't be that interested.

There was a doll's house that was amazing. It was never designed to be played with and it was a replica of a posh house of the time. You could walk round all four sides. The front had a garden and the back had the cars parked underneath.

And then there was the chapel, which had an amazing ceiling. They put an angled mirror on a table, so you could look at it without having to crane your neck. So that was a good day.

We had another day in Oxford. We did a Bodleian Library tour, which was really interesting. I didn't know that the copyright law means that every book printed goes to the Bodleian (or Swindon, since they've run out of space). I had an idea that they had every book, but I didn't know that mean every book. And magazine. Even digital books (which at least don't take up so much space). And they burnt a lot of books when Henry VIII decided not to be Catholic any more. The best part was finally finding out why the Radcliffe Camera is called a camera, when it's a (round) building. Turns out camera is Latin for room. So there you go.

After that we went to the Castle. Which is less castley than Windsor and also a jail until really recently. I want to say that I wouldn't want to be in jail in an old castle (nice to visit, but a bit cold) but then I wouldn't want to be in jail to start with. The shop was a bit disappointing, but the tour was very good. And I hadn't considered before that spiral staircases go round the direction they do because invading armies going upstairs don't have space for their swords (since they were all (forced to be) right handed).

Although it was warmer this week, at least it didn't rain, which was something.

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Oct. 16th, 2014 06:19 pm
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I have really needed this holiday, as I thought I would. I have discovered that it is actually possible to sleep past 6.30am. Even in a hotel room in an uncomfortable bed (it dipped massively in the middle and getting up to one edge was like mountaineering, only on your side).

I have also seen a lot of Bath in the rain. Although that's mostly because it's done a lot of raining.

I haven't actually done any writing, but I did get my SGA Santa assignment. I'm more used to Yuletide-style prompts, so this is vague in comparison, but exactly the sort of thing I write. So it'll be perfect, just as soon as I can work out what to write.

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Blue post box

Outside the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester is this postbox. It's interesting for two reasons:

  1. it's blue (they're usually red)
  2. it's from George V's reign (they're usually from Elizabeth II)

A search around tells me that it's blue either because blue was for air mail (although they also had a thing on the top to say air mail) or it was painted blue to commemorate the Post Office's association with the British aviation.

What is amusing are the number of pictures of this post box in the rain!

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May. 25th, 2014 06:41 pm
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I've just been up to Manchester for two-thirds of the weekend. I got up early on Saturday to beat the bank holiday/start of half term rush, spent the morning on trains, went round Manchester in the rain in the afternoon, then spent this afternoon on trains, to return to lovely sunshine. And this morning I woke up after not much more than six hours sleep and couldn't get back to sleep, so now I am tired.

I went there to see a friend from uni and his 'new' house - he moved in about two and a half years ago and I hadn't seen it. So now I have. And discovered that I really need new walking shoes because they are letting in the rain and the waterproofing spray doesn't help. I suspect that the parts that are coming away are worse than they first look. They're also not as comfortable as they used to be. So I need new walking shoes. It was when I went to Manchester the first time that I realised I needed some, because all the walking around set off my housemaid's knee...

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Manor Farm

May. 11th, 2014 07:54 pm
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Another weekend, another trip out, this time to Manor Farm, which was the farm they filmed Wartime Farm at. It had a whole load of animals, including some noisy sheep and two ugly turkeys displaying at one of the females, who didn't pay either of the males any attention at all. I got to stroke a bunny, and also a chick, duckling and a one day old baby turkey (who looked quite sweet).

There were also a lot of lambs.

There should be an picture of a lamb here, but DW is taking it away. You can see it on the original entry, though.

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Day out

May. 4th, 2014 06:32 pm
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Since it's a bank holiday weekend, I have nothing planned and it's actually been sunny for a change, I had a day out yesterday. After some time trying to decide where to go I picked Oxford. My legs still ache from walking around and my face is slightly sunburnt (it's red, but isn't hot and doesn't hurt).

Despite being a nice day, it wasn't really quite warm enough to sit on the top deck of an open top bus. Not that this stopped me. it was nice when we were stationary, but when we were moving it was a bit chilly. It took me a while to warm up after that.

I went to look round Christ Church, which mostly involved queueing. I queued to get in, then once there queued up the stairs to see the Hall, then queued round it. It wasn't much to write home about, but it is famous for having some Hogwart's Great Hall scenes filmed there. And it's where Lewis Carroll studied maths, hence the Alice bits in the stained glass window.

The Cathedral didn't require queueing, but it was pretty much just a bog standard cathedral - once you've seen one you've seen them all. But it did have two pianos!

No day out is complete without a trip to a bookshop - so I did two: Waterstones and Blackwells.

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Mar. 29th, 2014 07:48 pm
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The reason I haven't posted much lately is that I spent last weekend in Torquay at the Rotary Conference. We went for a longer long weekend, so we could have some time in Torquay, as well as conferencing. Of course it was the one weekend this month when it was cold and windy and rainy...

The hotel we stayed at had gluten free bread and Lactofree butter. One of the places we went to eat had three different sorbet flavours for dessert, none of which were on the menu, but they told me about them because I'd asked them what I could eat. Although one restaurant where I asked whether the sauce had milk in came back and told me I couldn't have it because it had flour in, but I could have another that had garlic butter in... I discovered Booja Booja chocolate ice cream was really nice, even though it was too cold for ice cream.

I also didn't go to bed until 11.30pm most nights and woke up at 6am most mornings even though I didn't have to be up that early. So it's taken until now for me to catch up on my sleep.

And my legs have just about recovered from all the hills and the stairs and me making them worse at ballet on Wednesday...

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I am trying to be back in the real world after a long weekend at the windmill. It was fun, apart from the earwigs in the windmill, the ticks on the walks and the stinging nettles (I got stung, but no ticks - after seeing them on the cat I think I prefer the stinging nettles).

I ended up reactivating my Facebook account (I never completely deleted it because I didn't trust them to delete my data). After the end of Rotaract dinner with people I hadn't seen for years I thought I really ought to keep up with them. And then at the windmill there were people I hadn't seen for a year, so I knew nothing of what had happened to them during that time, but they all knew about each other.

So I ended up going back on Facebook. It looks like I can see all status updates on TweetDeck and post from TweetDeck and I am assured that these days emails to say you have a message tell you what the message is. So I shouldn't have to actually go to Facebook itself. But it is purely a real life thing - I only have Rotaractors and people I knew at uni on there (plus Emma who is the only person from school I still talk to).

And then after that I got curious about Google+. So I used my netbook, where I'm trying out Firefox 4.0. I found that it's much easier to change the privacy settings on Google+ than Facebook. And that's the only thing I've done on either of them really. I don't intend to use Google+ for anything, not least because it seems to have chosen one of my Gmail accounts to associate with my Googld+ account. Which isn't a bad choice, but I wish it had warned me in advance.

On the topic of old friends, I'm off to London this afternoon to meet [info]livii - and [info]shinyjenni and [info]sillycleo too. It's been very handy having people come here, when I can't go anywhere. This year I've also seen [info]selenay936, [info]hhertzof, [info]just_ann_now and [info]munditia and I've only had to go as far as Coventry and London.

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