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I am trying to be back in the real world after a long weekend at the windmill. It was fun, apart from the earwigs in the windmill, the ticks on the walks and the stinging nettles (I got stung, but no ticks - after seeing them on the cat I think I prefer the stinging nettles).

I ended up reactivating my Facebook account (I never completely deleted it because I didn't trust them to delete my data). After the end of Rotaract dinner with people I hadn't seen for years I thought I really ought to keep up with them. And then at the windmill there were people I hadn't seen for a year, so I knew nothing of what had happened to them during that time, but they all knew about each other.

So I ended up going back on Facebook. It looks like I can see all status updates on TweetDeck and post from TweetDeck and I am assured that these days emails to say you have a message tell you what the message is. So I shouldn't have to actually go to Facebook itself. But it is purely a real life thing - I only have Rotaractors and people I knew at uni on there (plus Emma who is the only person from school I still talk to).

And then after that I got curious about Google+. So I used my netbook, where I'm trying out Firefox 4.0. I found that it's much easier to change the privacy settings on Google+ than Facebook. And that's the only thing I've done on either of them really. I don't intend to use Google+ for anything, not least because it seems to have chosen one of my Gmail accounts to associate with my Googld+ account. Which isn't a bad choice, but I wish it had warned me in advance.

On the topic of old friends, I'm off to London this afternoon to meet [info]livii - and [info]shinyjenni and [info]sillycleo too. It's been very handy having people come here, when I can't go anywhere. This year I've also seen [info]selenay936, [info]hhertzof, [info]just_ann_now and [info]munditia and I've only had to go as far as Coventry and London.

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Big update

May. 30th, 2010 04:28 pm
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I haven’t updated a while. First I didn’t have time and then I didn’t want to catch up and then I got dizzy… But these are all the things I might have posted about had I got round to it sometime in the last couple of weeks:

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Wimbledon starts on Monday! I have my fantasy team assembled, which includes Federer and Murray and an assortment of women who’s names I liked, since I know nothing about the women and don’t care about them either. I must remember to find my radio from wherever I put it when I moved in six months ago.

After deleting my Facebook account it started sending me notifications. So I had to undelete it to find out what was going on and found that not only had it ticked every notification box but it had also allowed my profile to be seen by everyone! So I reset it, but now I don’t trust them to actually delete it, even though it looks as thought they do now, so I haven’t. But after fixing all that I see no reason to ever visit the site again.

I had an epiphany about Twitter too and what I actually wanted to use it for. There’s loads of people I follow who I’m just not reading and who aren’t following me so we can’t have a conversation over it and when they post interesting stuff I want to ask about, I can’t ask on Twitter. So I have temporarily shunted everyone I don’t think I want to read into a column and I’ll see if I miss them, or if they’ve said anything I do want to read in a few days time. But I did discover there’s a Wimbledon feed, which is vaguely interesting. There are also feeds for various courts and Henman Hill! Tim Henman has an account he rarely posts to but interesting, Andy Roddick has one that he uses and posts interesting things to as far as I can see. Unlike Andy Murray…

I am looking forward to [info]melliyna coming to visit on Wednesday because I want to see her, but also because it’ll be someone to talk to. Blogs and Twitter aren’t really the best replacements for a social life. But, I am up to 13 fast on the first exercise. Or I was on Friday - I spent yesterday too tired and dizzy to do anything and today too dizzy to do anything except for the things I really need to get done this weekend.

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