Dec. 18th, 2016 05:38 pm
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I finally made it to the cinema to see Fantastic Beasts this weekend. With the exception of Star Trek films I don't usually go and see films too close to them coming out because I don't like busy cinemas. Although Star Trek I take a day off for and see in the middle of the day, so it's quiet. This weekend was all about the new Star Wars film, so there were Stormtroopers in the lobby. I timed my arrival perfectly to right at the end of the adverts. And the trailers weren't completely awful, which makes a nice change. I enjoyed Fantastic Beasts too, although Newt really reminded me of Matt Smith - it was the hair and the voice.

I discovered, from The Week, that Finding Dory is out on DVD. I failed to see it at the cinema when it was on. Mainly because I wanted to go when it wouldn't be full of kids and by the time I had time to go there weren't any evening showings. But I used Instant Video for the first time and watched it this weekend. So much cheaper than the cinema and gives you the opportunity to get food, go to the toilet and go round closing the curtains while watching. Not to mention seeing the pretty sunset. It was also a good film - it was reminiscent of Finding Nemo, which is what I expected from it, so that was ok.

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May. 19th, 2013 08:15 pm
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I finally saw the latest Bond film today. I didn't go and see it at the cinema because I couldn't be bothered to put the effort in. Plus everyone was saying how great it was and previous things people have raved about I've hated. And I didn't want to hate a Bond film.

I really liked the bit before the beginning credits - I was too busy watching it to crochet. And then it all went a bit downhill. It's hampered by Bond being played by Daniel Craig, which was a definitely downside in the last two films too. But also because they are obsessed with being dark and realistic. It just ended up feeling like a long episode of Spooks, only not as good. That's not what Bond is about. I want fast cars, women with silly names and bad guys wanting to take over the world.

In conclusion - it wasn't awful. But I'm glad I didn't see it at the cinema because I'd have been bored without trying to decide which colour to do next in my crochet to distract me.

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Mar. 24th, 2013 06:44 pm
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This weekend's been a good one for discovering things I like.

The films I've been renting from Blockbuster recently have either been Ewan McGregor ones or really popular ones. The really popular ones I've hated and Ewan McGregor doesn't half make odd films (but I only have four of his films to go, including one that's not out on DVD yet and the one I only made it ten minutes through and should really give it a bit longer before giving up on it). The one I watched today was Brave, which I was expecting to be a standard tomboy princess thing and turned out to be surprisingly good.

On the book front, I recently tried a Stephen Baxter book on the basis that I liked the one he and Terry Pratchett wrote. But after 50 pages I couldn't take any more. His characters just all annoyed me and I just can't be doing with it. The summary on the back sounded interesting, but after 50 pages we hadn't even got to the start of it and I just couldn't find the will to pick it up and continue.

Then based on the list I got from the recommend a book panel at Redemption, I got Alistair Reynolds' Revelation Space out of the library. It didn't give a summary on the back and I still have no idea what it's about because I gave up on page 33. According to my notes it was recommended for the real world physics, but I just couldn't bring myself to care about that. His characters were dull, not helped by not a lot of characterisation happening because he was too busy writing all about his world and yet I still didn't have a clue what the world was like.

And then on Friday I got an Elizabeth Moon book (the first Vatta book). Which I didn't intend to read because I'm currently reading one of Mum's and promised to read another at Easter. And now I'm two-thirds of the way through. Finally, some decent characterisation! And likeable characters! Interesting situations! No infodumps! (well, there was one of two paragraphs, but I skipped that).

So it turns out there are films and books in the world that I haven't tried before that I like. I was beginning to wonder.

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When the latest Bond film came out I debated about seeing it vs not seeing it at the cinema. Then half term came along and since I wasn't going out any evening I thought about seeing it on Tuesday, which is the cheap night in the local cinema. But then I realised it was half term and it only just came out the previous Friday, so I'd be better off waiting until this week. Except this week there is tennis. From next week everything starts back up again and work looks like being too busy to do anything other than work and sleep until mid-December, so staying out late at the cinema doesn't fit with that. So I'll wait until it's out on DVD, like most films, and justify my Blockbuster DVD rental subscription.

The reason I can't get that excited about Bond is because the last two have been a bit grumpy and real worldy, when what I really want is OTT and baddies destroying the world, possibly with the aid of a cat. Plus the current films do have Daniel Craig in them, which is never going to help (I can't work out how anyone could possibly think he's handsome). Also, I've recently watched action films (well, half an hour of) that other people loved and they bored me to tears. So I'm not really in the mood for an action film.

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What with it seems like everyone in the world having seen Avengers Assemble I was trying to decide whether or not to see it. For a start everyone keeps calling it The Avengers, which I would like to see, but that just requires me getting my Emma Peel box set down and trying to work out which black and white episodes I haven't seen yet. Aside from that, on the one hand everyone having seen it really, really makes me not want to see it. Every time anyone talks about it, they make me not want to see it more. However, when no one talks about it I wonder if maybe it is actually good.

I've also never liked comics. That's partly because I can't work out how to read them - I know you start at the top and left, but sometimes the speech bubbles are at the top right and bottom left, so then where you do start? But also because I hate that they have pictures. If I want to read then I need words and maybe a few pictures to illustrate scenes, but they shouldn't get in the way.

Someone at work said I'd like it if I liked Firefly because it had the same humour. And then I discovered it was written by Joss Whedon, which explains that. But although I liked Buffy, Angel and Firefly, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog did nothing for me. It was all right, but not that great.

Someone else at work said that in order to understand it you need to have seen Thor and Captain America first. I haven't even heard of Captain America, I thought he meant Team America. Which I also haven't seen.

And then I found out it has Iron Man in. Now that film everyone was going on about when it came out and I couldn't understand why because I was getting it confused with Man of Iron. Why someone would be making a film out of Paul Darrow's awful Blake's 7 script, I don't know, but if it was played like it is at Redemption I'd go and see it. Once it was out on DVD I gave it a try. After half an hour I'd lost the will to live. But since a lot of people seemed to think it was good I gave it another go the next day. Another half an hour and I'd lost the will to live again, so I gave up. When I said this at work yesterday someone agreed the beginning was boring and said Iron Man 2 was better. I'm not prepared to verify that statement, though. A film has just got to be exciting earlier.

I borrowed X:Men First Class (not sure where the punctuation is in there) because I did want to see it and hadn't got round to it. I have seen the first X:Men film, which was all right and for some reason I think I've seen the second, which was boring. I watched it on Saturday night. Bit of it had potential, but the whole thing was boring - it moved so slowly. After 67 minutes I felt like I'd been watching for two hours and I gave up. I could have skipped bits and not missed much.

Apart from the slowness my other problems with it were that the mutant powers didn't make sense. When there's a bloke with telepathy and a girl who can shape shift, why was there a girl who could do both? How did a girl who was blue not attract attention sooner? And the villain was just stupidly overpowered and where's the fun in that?

I suspect, though, that my problems with the film are just general comic book things, which means that I won't like Avengers Assemble. And at any rate, I should definitely not go and see it at the cinema, where you can't do something at the same time as watching it or take breaks.

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I'm terrible with wanting to try a book/film/TV series that's popular. There were four Harry Potter books out and a film on the way before I decided that maybe it was popular for a reason and perhaps I'd try it. Of course by that time the first book was really cheap because it had been out for a while, so that helped.

Since then I've been better at trying things. Lost, Heroes and Once Upon a Time were big hits before they were on over here. But none of those I enjoyed for various reasons.

The latest big thing is The Hunger Games. I don't know anything about it, except that it's a book and a film. I'm quite happy not knowing anything about it because I refuse to try it. Everyone else is reading it therefore I don't want to. And I definitely shouldn't go and see the film given that it gave [info]jedinic motion sickness, so I dread to think what it would do to me.

But Downton Abbey and A Game of Thrones were series I held out on for longer and then enjoyed. Perhaps the answer is not to try something when it's popular, but wait until everyone who's going to watch it has tried it and the fuss has died down, then give it a go. I even enjoy Doctor Who less the more people it seems are watching it...

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I couldn’t decide whether or not to go and see the new Alice in Wonderland film. I’d seen pictures and knew it was Tim Burton, so I knew it was going to be weird. Given that Alice in Wonderland is my favourite book, I was either going to love it or hate it. My sister thought it was “alright”, so I thought I’d go and see it this afternoon.

The cinema was nice and empty. The 3D glasses cost me 80p(!) and say on them that you should only wear them in theatres. So I shouldn’t have been wearing them in the cinema… The thing with 3D glasses is they used to be cardboard with red and green coloured eyes. Now they’re proper plastic glasses, which don’t work well over glasses. So my nose really hurt. And the 3D didn’t add anything – it was completely pointless, but there wasn’t an option of seeing it in 2D.

The film itself was a bit of a case of spot-the-actor. Alice’s mum was Lindsay Duncan. I spent the film trying to work out why I recognised Hamish – it turns out he was in the first series of Ashes to Ashes, which I watched recently. And I eventually worked out that Alice’s brother-in-law was a copper, but I had to look it up to discover he was one of the Sergeants in Midsomer Murders.

I liked it more than the SyFy version – although that did turn Alice into an American, which I object to in principle. They both used the same bits of the books and missed out some of the best bits – like The Walrus and the Carpenter for instance.

My two complaints with it were that the young Alice looked like a doll and they kept calling the Jobberwock the Jabberwocky. To the extent where I thought maybe I was wrong, but I looked it up when I got home and it is the poem that is called Jabberwocky, the creature in it is a Jabberwock. That’s quite hard to get wrong if they’d just read the books!

All in all it was alright, but they took a lot of the childish mystery out of it. They turned croquet into a horrible sport that hurt the hedgehog and that’s not what it’s all about. I’d say that the books are much better, but that’s always going to be the case, really.

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This weekend couldn’t be more of a contrast to last weekend: Last Sunday I spent freezing and wishing I could go back in time to the day before to turn the heating on. This Sunday was boiling and I had all the windows open. Today at least there’s more of a breeze and no sun. But I do have to close the windows in the lounge to hear the telly over the trains…

I tidied and my lounge feels so much bigger, even though pretty much all I did was sort out all the piles of paper I had on my dining room table and coffee table. I also rearranged it a bit. I realised, after coming back from being at home, that the telly wasn’t really in the best place to see it from the sofa. And because I’d pulled it out of the corner a bit, there was a whole load of wasted space in the corner. So I rearranged my desks and telly a bit. And even took photos: Before 1, Before 2, After 1, After 2. Spot the magically moving pictures above my desk and amazing disappearing balloon!

Friday I saw In the Loop, which was really good. It was nicer to see it on a smaller screen than the one I saw Star Trek on. But I did spend the whole thing trying to work out where I recognised Simon Foster from and it was only when I looked it up that I discovered he was Guy Burgess in Cambridge Spies. One of the funny bits in it was when Malcolm Tucker (who’s Scottish) told the American General not to call him English, and the General just look bewildered as to why! In an interview with Armando Iannucci he says that he’s doing a second series of The Thick of It, which will be good.

I’ve also signed up for [info]who_remix, partly on the basis that if I don’t have to write anything I never will while I’m still ill.

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