Aug. 1st, 2015 04:51 pm
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I went into the next town last weekend to buy cheese. The health food shop there was good and used to order it in for me. But then they closed down. Another one opened and because the previous one had passed on their customer list, they stocked the cheese I liked! Except that when I went in last weekend they didn't have a fridge any more, so they were borrowing the one from the office upstairs. And it turned out to be locked...

So I went back today and they asked if I would buy all their stock of cheese for half price - which consisted of three of my favourites and two that I also like. I only get through about one a month, but it freezes, so that was an offer I couldn't refuse. So I ended up spending £6 on enough cheese to last the rest of the year.

Then I went to Waitrose, as they're the only place around here to sell Swedish Glace ice cream in a flavour that's not vanilla. So I picked up some raspberry, then happened to look in the rest of the ice cream section and spotted some Booja Booja. So I had to buy that too. It's ridiculously expensive ice cream - 500ml cost me £6, whereas the Swedish Glace was £2 for 750ml. So it's only for special occasions ice cream, but it is so nice. I have never tasted ice cream so nice, either ordinary or dairy free. Mmmm. I am looking forward to eating that (I don't think 500ml will last me long...).

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I've got away lightly with Christmas this year - and most important I haven't had to eat any turkey! The Rotary Christmas dinner involved salmon (which tasted odd), boiled potatoes (ditto), roast potatoes (they were fine), parsnips (yay!), carrots (which also tasted odd, but in their case made them much less disgusting) and sprouts pureed with crème fraiche (and there I was thinking sprouts couldn't be made worse - I didn't have any obviously). And there were crackers, but that was the only Christmassy thing really.

Then there was our work Christmas do. A couple of people had Christmas songs on in the office, which I'm hoping they won't repeat on Tuesday. Then dinner was sausage and pasta or potatoes, so I had steak instead. I had to wait while the bloke cooked it and because it took a while (funnily enough) so he said he'd bring it out to me. Bearing in mind that I couldn't have the pasta due to a wheat intolerance, he also put a roll and butter on the plate. I went back for some potatoes and he told me there was flour in the gravy (so I had the potatoes anyway, as my wheat intolerance is quite tolerant). I don't really know how no pasta and no gravy means bread is ok? He also put some pasta salad on the plate and I saw the label that described it as creamy, so I scraped it off on the basis it might have milk in and I didn't trust him at all by that point.

The potatoes also tasted odd (what are people doing to them?) and he'd cooked the steak so that the outside burnt and the inside didn't cook, so it was dry and burnt by the time I got it :( And there was in general not much food. Everyone else could go to the crepe van and fill themselves up, I was glad I took a snack with me. The cat that wanders round (and appears by the main doors at hometime) was around the crepe van, getting stroked and looking up at the crepe van hopefully.

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I am so glad there's only three weeks left before Christmas, when I get ten days off in a row (including weekends and bank holidays). Although the two weeks coming are likely to be the busiest as we try and fit as many projects in as possible before Christmas in a rush.

In other news, I had mushrooms last night and wasn't ill. They were nice as well, I'd forgotten! Even better, I had them on pizza. Sainsbury's Free From pizza bases don't go completely solid in the oven either. They're just expensive, which is why pizza is a treat. But since the smallest amount of mushrooms I can buy was 150g, I will be eating mushrooms every night this week.

Mushrooms are the last thing I have to try before I'm onto wheat and wheat gluten. It's a tricky one because I don't want to eat something that I'll remember the taste of and then might not be able to eat again, but I could eat half a breaded fish from the fish and chip shop, so I will need to eat quite a bit of gluten to test it. I am intending to have a tube of Pringles because limiting yourself to one or two is really hard. I think it'll have to be pasta - I have plenty, so I can always have half ordinary, half gluten free.

At some point I will have to try an actual egg and not just egg in bread and biscuits. But since I really don't want to remember what one tastes like and then potentially not be able to eat one again, I'm not in a rush.

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Nov. 12th, 2011 07:42 pm
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I have finally finished my diet. When I started three months without anything I can't eat and sugar and yeast sounded like forever. Now I've got so used to it I can't remember what I used to eat.

But now I get to reintroduce foods one at a time to see if they make me ill. I'm starting with soya. When I first couldn't eat soya it seemed like it was in everything. Now I'm struggling to find things to eat with it in. It's my cheese, but I was eating that anyway, as I could tolerate that much. It's in chocolate, but the nicest (dairy free) chocolate is soya free. I've been forced to eat Swedish Glace ice cream, which is such a hardship as you can imagine. Especially since the only flavour Sainsburys had was Neapolitan.

After three months without cheese I had some in my sandwich at lunch. And it tasted so odd. Granted, it does anyway - it doesn't taste like cheese, hence why I like it. But ice cream tasted so odd too and I was eating that, albeit a different brand, three months ago as well.

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Aug. 10th, 2011 08:31 pm
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Because moving isn't enough for one month, I am starting a new diet this week.

There's a theory all these food intolerances are caused by not enough good bacteria and too much bad bacteria in the digestive system. Which itself could well be caused by stress, at least in my case. I was stressed by becoming lactose intolerant in 2005 when I got most of my intolerances. And I became soya intolerant the last time I moved house...

In order to get rid of these intolerances I have to not have any of the things I'm intolerant to for three months, as well as not having any yeast or sugar. And only three portions of fruit a day.

I say that it will get rid of them, but the doctor couldn't say for sure. The only evidence is from alternative medicine, which doesn't prove anything. But Mum tried it and it worked for her, so it's worth a go.

So far I've been eating up things with sugar in that won't keep or are frozen. There are plenty of things I know sugar is in, which is fair enough. But then I'm finding it's in things like cornflakes, sausages, chips, stock cubes, pasta sauce. Ok, so I got unlucky with the chips because they don't all have it in, just the packet in my freezer. But there are no stock cubes I've found on the Sainsburys website that don't have either sugar or yeast in.

I'm feeling positive about it at the moment, but I might well be sick of porridge for breakfast and rice cakes for snacks in three months time. Especially when there's nothing I can find to spread on rice cakes except for butter. But on the plus side I did make my own pasta sauce tonight. I've tried it once before and I didn't like it, but I don't remember what I did. Tonight I had tomatoes, tomato puree and basil in what ended up being random amounts, but it came out tasting nice. I've been meaning to make my own pasta sauce for ages, so when I've finished the diet I might stick with it. Apart from the jar I have in the cupboard that will need using up before it's best before date.

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