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Yesterday I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It's expensive, but we got our money's worth, given that we took four hours to get round it all (they estimate it takes three). Although if we'd stopped and watched every video and looked at all the pictures on the audio guide we probably could have spent five hours there (but four was enough).

I took 163 photos (which flickr shows in reverse order and without any of the descriptions, unless you click on each one individually). I'd have taken more, but I got a bit sick of taking photos.

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This week

Aug. 7th, 2011 08:40 pm
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This week I have been acting as if I'm not ill. So now I am regretting it. There went my weekend of actually getting things done.

But on Tuesday I went to see Harry Potter. It was good and I was very glad I hadn't read the book since it came out because I remembered quite a bit of it. Although it was quite surreal watching it, having played Lego Harry Potter. I kept recognising bits of Hogwarts.

Today I posted my Sci-Fi Big Bang story: The Atlantis Sacrifice, which turned into a massive pain in the arse. First I discovered that the plugin I have that automatically posts links between all parts of your fic broke a few WP versions ago. There are alternatives, but they just create new taxonomies, and I can do that myself.

Then uploading multiple chapters to A03 was really hard. I didn't look at the help because I expected it to be obvious. I ended up with chapters in the wrong order and some of them repeated. And I thought it was all draft, but it wasn't.

And then LJ decided not to let me read the comm. It still isn't, but I can still open individual posts and the RSS feed is definitely updating, so I don't know what its problem is.

The word count on this Big Bang was 25,000, but I only managed 24,100. It took enough effort to add in the last 3000, I wasn't going to manage another 900. And annoyingly, it's still not the longest thing I've ever written. The last Big Bang I did had a word count of 20,000 and I wrote 26,000.

But now it's all finished and posted and I really have no excuse to not start of my femgenficathon fic.

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Aug. 8th, 2009 10:09 pm
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It’s been a bit of a dramatic week this week. First my landlord delivered my new washing machine last Saturday. Except when I did some washing when it spun it made loud noises and moved around - so much so that it came out from under the side and the pipe taking waste water away came out, so there was soapy horrible water all over the cupboard under the sink. I looked in the manual and on the internet about what it could be and found it must be something to do with it not being level.

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