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For the past week, until about the middle of last week, work was really quiet. I was getting some non-project work in and other people were scratching about for things to do. And then suddenly all our clients decided to launch projects before Easter, so now we're really busy and I'm hoping I won't be spending too much of my Easter weekend working.

That heartbleed bug meaning everyone needs to change all their passwords. I only just changed mine a month ago, so I'm really not looking forward to spending my Easter weekend changing them all again.

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I could post about being dizzy again this week - I felt great on Monday evening and terrible on Tuesday morning. And then did a nine hour day with no breaks on Wednesday, which didn't help, funnily enough.

Or I could post about the Winter Olympics, which started with me watching various sports and ended with me taping curling. Although I did like snowboard cross - it's like BMX with mass carnage and half the people that start not finishing.

Or I could post about discovering my twitter account was hacked and then spending most of yesterday changing passwords, and not therefore being able to concentrate on yesterday's curling matches.

But then I decided not to post about any of those things.

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A few weeks ago I went through my RSS feeds and trimmed down ones that hadn't been updated for ages. Which also meant taking people/comms off my LJ and DW friends. I now have a whole load less on there. When I did it I realised I haven't had many conversations on there for ages. There used to be loads in comms etc, but not any more.

I'm obviously not in the right places. It doesn't help that the main comm I spent time in was [info]sarahjane_fic. I got spoiled there with the idea that you post fic and people comment on it. I keep seeing people complain that Yuletide is a low comment ficathon, well, not for me - I generally get at least two comments.

I know lots of people have Tumblrs because everyone was announcing them a while ago. But I'm not a visual person, so I have no interest in a blogging site for posting pictures.

The trouble is, I miss forums. So I tried to rectify that. I joined Ravelry, because it's something [info]selenay936 and [info]hhertzof talk about and I found it does crochet as well as knitting. I haven't quite worked out what to do with it yet. I tried to join the Red Dwarf forum. I got as far as creating an account and then to do anything else you have to confirm your email address once it's sent you an email. Which never arrives. I tried emailing the address it says to email if the confirmation email doesn't arrive and no one replies. I can't even change my email address because in order to change it I need to log in and to log in I need the confirmation email! So that was a bit of a dead loss.

I am trying to comment more to people's posts, if I have something to say. Which I don't always. Or I actually turn my laptop on because it's impossible to remember what I want to reply to just going by my friends list and not being able to read in whatever order I chose and mark things as unread.

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Tomorrow I have to go on a first aid refresher course. I've been on a couple before, so I know where it is, but I was never the one driving. This time I'm going on my own. If I was going there from where I used to live, it would be fine. If I was going there not during rush hour it would be fine. However, the main route there gets really busy at rush hour and is best avoided - everyone I know who goes in that direction at rush hour goes the back way.

I have been the back way, as a passenger, a long time ago, in the dark, when I didn't really know the area.

I already knew how the route started, which is something. I looked it up on Google and it suggested the back way as an alternative, which is a good start. So then I followed my route on streetmap. Which got a bit confusing with sudden changes of weather and times when I went too far and then ended up facing the wrong way. But I eventually ended up at the edge of town, which I recognised. Despite the fact that it somehow jumped from one road to another. I retracted my steps and found the turning was where I thought it was.

There are a lot of places round here where getting there mostly just involves getting on one road and staying on it. Which is how this route is to start with - I just then have to keep an eye on the signs and turn off it. But I at least know now the junction is by the 30mph sign (or was when Google photographed it). After that I keep going to the end of the road twice more, and then just follow the signs. So hopefully it'll all work out... If I do miss the one turning, I just take a detour through another village, so I should end up where I intend to.

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Oct. 4th, 2010 08:28 pm
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My plans for the last week and a bit were derailed by waking up the Sunday before last really dizzy without me having done anything to set it off. So I've done an awful lot of nothing at all recently. Well, except for watching all of Make it or Break it, for which I blame [info]jedinic.

But it was the perfect thing for when I had no brain. I do have a secret love of teen dramas, although usually high school based ones. This one's just the same, only centred round gymnastics. It's completely OTT drama-wise, but that's what I like about it.I can forgive some of the gymnastics for not making sense (it helps not to think about it), but I can't forgive Sasha for saying he won an Olympic gold for England, as that's impossible and I can't believe that none of the writers or the actor (who's English) spotted that.

The characters took a while to grow on me, but Sasha (who's a bloke and played by an Englishman - I'm still not sure whether the character is Romanian or English) started a teasing relationship with Summer and then he became my favourite character. He's also the hero-type, which [info]hhertzof pointed out are the ones that tend to be my favourites.

Fortunately just before I was dizzy my Gmail account got hacked. Gmail spotted it and stopped the emails from going out, but I did then spend a whole day changing all my passwords. Some of them are a nightmare to find where to change, some of them just didn't work and I ended up emailing to get them changed. I now have more passwords and more secure passwords than I did (I should have changed them long ago really). Some of them are so secure it takes me a few attempts to log in while I fail to remember what they are.

My friends' wedding was on Saturday, which was good. The actual ceremony felt never-ending and was really boring (seriously, it was 45 minutes and it only took 2 minutes to actually marry them), but it was good to talk to people I hadn't seen for ages. The official photographer took a picture of all the Rotaractors and that must have been at least half the people there. I definitely established that the whole thing isn't for me - that would be my idea of hell making such a big deal of it and being the centre of attention and all the formalities you have to do. The only part I like is getting to see all your friends at the reception.

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I am in need of recs of blogs/LJs/communities to follow. Anything with an RSS/atom feed counts, as does Twitter. I am sure there is some interesting stuff out there that I am rubbish at finding for myself.

Any feed with titles only or partial doesn’t count because I can’t read that without putting in effort. Anyone who posts to Twitter a lot also doesn’t count because TweetDeck only picks up the last 200 tweets and I only read Twitter in the evenings when I put my main laptop on.

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