Nov. 14th, 2012 07:42 pm
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Since [info]just_ann_now did this yesterday, I'll copy her and do it today. Only I can go one better and show you the desktop from two of my computers.

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Today I spent pretty much the whole day installing things on my new computer and playing with settings. I had a break when I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. It is nearly done. Currently the only way I can find any programs I want is from the Quick Launch - the Start Menu and Desktop are too much of a mess to find anything, and I haven't installed the printer. But other than that it's done.

It was very handy I have a computer running Linux. The folders with things like my Firefox profile and my RSS feeds live in folders that you need admin access to get. But this computer refused to copy them or access them from the hard drive of the old computer. Ubuntu, on the other hand, didn't care. So I copied folders from my old computer onto my netbook and then across to my new computer.

At the moment I am really struggling with the keyboard. I'm fine with typing, it's just once I need to go further right than the return key that I'm struggling. The old one had Home, End, Page Up and Page Down down the right and that was it. The new one has a number pad. Which does mean there's two of each of those four keys, but they're all in a different place, as are the arrow keys, so I keep being slowed down by having to look down and check where I am. So I have established that I like the trackpad!

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I now have a new computer. I have now remembered how unusable all the default settings are in Windows. Not to mention IE9, where I spent five minutes trying to find the address bar. But it has a 1TB hard drive (10 times what I need) and 8GB of RAM. It should be fast and able to cope with anything I throw at it.

Yesterday I had a party to celebrate my birthday. Which basically consisted of spending a relaxed afternoon sitting around and chatting.

Aside from the epilogue I realised it needed, I've finished the second draft of my Big Bang fic. I just need to go back and make it less boring now. And add 3500 words, which shouldn't be hard.

I'm sure there was more I meant to add, but I keep waking up early and not being able to fall asleep any earlier, so I'm tired. I'm just very glad this is a three day weekend.

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My three and a quarter year old computer is no more :( According to the error message it's either the memory, the video driver, the motherboard or the hard drive that's gone. I'm not sure they've narrowed it down there. Basically it's going to be simplest to buy a new computer. They're not expensive these days - in fact it's very likely I'll be spending more on new glasses this week than I will on a new computer.

Fortunately I have two netbooks, but it does mean I can't use anything running Windows, unless I borrow my work computer. And I can't use a big screen, unless I borrow my work computer. On the plus side, the only things I really use day to day are Trillian (which works on every operating system known to man except Linux), but Kopete is a reasonable alternative. Or at least, I like it better than all the other Linux alternatives. And there's RSS Bandit, for reading my RSS Feeds. But half of them are on LJ/DW, so I can read those there - although there's no way to tell where I've read to or mark things as unread to come back to later. And I have a load of the others in Google Reader and the rest bookmarked, so I've been adding those. I could use RSS Owl, which is the only other RSS reader I like and it works on Linux - except I have all my RP feeds in there and it's just going to get complicated. Not to mention that to get the OPML I'll need to put my backup program on my work computer to get at my latest backup.

There is at least a PC World that's walking distance from my house. So I can go and try a load of laptops and see which keyboards I like. And this time it won't involve two new operating systems (my last one didn't quite make it to Windows 7 launch, so I had to have Vista for a year so that I could upgrade to 7). It just involves setting it up and installing everything and I still vividly remember that from three years ago... :(

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The weekend

Nov. 1st, 2009 07:48 pm
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I didn’t have anything on this weekend and I didn’t have to go anywhere, so I thought I’d get a few things done, housework and writing and so on. Well, I managed the first. I thought I was doing well for getting all my washing done, until I thought “that’s making a bit more of a watery noise than usual”, opened the kitchen door and found water on the floor. Which is just what you want from your washing machine. It was just the waste water pipe from the washing machine that had come out of the pipe that takes it to the drain, so it was at least easily fixed.

Recently I discovered Pidgin, which is the messenger program I use on my netbook, doesn’t belief AIM exists any more. Since I was awake annoyingly early this morning I thought I’d get up and see if anyone was in any of the RPG related chats. Which they weren’t, but I discovered that Trillian in your browser doesn’t do chat. After lots of searching on the forums I uninstalled Pidgin then reinstalled it. At which point it refused to open. But I did discover why it refused to open links in Firefox and just did nothing. In the end I installed Kopete, which I’ve decided I like far more than Pidgin anyway, but not as much as Astra.

Just because it seems to be that sort of weekend, the netbook keeps randomly disconnecting from the network (it just seems to be a common bug with it, which is unhelpful, but at least I know how to get it back on without restarting). And I watched a DVD using my computer as a DVD player and the wireless keyboard as a remote and twice the computer decided that every keystroke was actually me right clicking and wouldn’t acknowledge me left clicking. Why it decided it didn’t like the wireless keyboard today when it’s been fine up till now, I don’t know.

On the plus side, since Azureus kept disconnecting my computer from the internet (which also seems to be a common problem with Vista) and there’s something clearly not right with it, I thought I’d install ╬╝Torrent, which seems to work perfectly and looks pretty much the same.

So that was my weekend of trials and tribulations. Next week I have an MRI, a flu jab and a trip to the dentist and the week after is a trip to the balance clinic. So it’ll all be a bit medical.

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