Oct. 13th, 2013 05:57 pm
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I got very excited this week when Cerulean Studios announced they'd released a beta of Trillian for Linux (Trillian being an instant messaging program I like better than any others available on Windows or Linux). It was a bit sudden given that although they have a version for every other platform, whenever anyone asked about Linux on the forums there was no answer - but in their announcement they said they'd been working on it since 2011!

I got unexcited quite quickly as I couldn't install it on Ubuntu because it was too old. It being old and not supported any more has meant more things not working, so I was thinking about upgrading anyway, I just hadn't got round to it. Partly because I hate the new versions of Ubuntu, so I'd have to find another distro to change to.

So this weekend I've tried Lubuntu, Kubuntu and Linux Mint KDE and concluded that I like the KDE based ones. I am not going to install anything until Christmas, though, when I can sort out the crap on my netbook and have time to play around with the settings and install all the programs I want.

I also got distracted in writing this by playing with Windows 8.1 (conclusion: not an improvement on Windows 8).

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The weekend

Nov. 1st, 2009 07:48 pm
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I didn’t have anything on this weekend and I didn’t have to go anywhere, so I thought I’d get a few things done, housework and writing and so on. Well, I managed the first. I thought I was doing well for getting all my washing done, until I thought “that’s making a bit more of a watery noise than usual”, opened the kitchen door and found water on the floor. Which is just what you want from your washing machine. It was just the waste water pipe from the washing machine that had come out of the pipe that takes it to the drain, so it was at least easily fixed.

Recently I discovered Pidgin, which is the messenger program I use on my netbook, doesn’t belief AIM exists any more. Since I was awake annoyingly early this morning I thought I’d get up and see if anyone was in any of the RPG related chats. Which they weren’t, but I discovered that Trillian in your browser doesn’t do chat. After lots of searching on the forums I uninstalled Pidgin then reinstalled it. At which point it refused to open. But I did discover why it refused to open links in Firefox and just did nothing. In the end I installed Kopete, which I’ve decided I like far more than Pidgin anyway, but not as much as Astra.

Just because it seems to be that sort of weekend, the netbook keeps randomly disconnecting from the network (it just seems to be a common bug with it, which is unhelpful, but at least I know how to get it back on without restarting). And I watched a DVD using my computer as a DVD player and the wireless keyboard as a remote and twice the computer decided that every keystroke was actually me right clicking and wouldn’t acknowledge me left clicking. Why it decided it didn’t like the wireless keyboard today when it’s been fine up till now, I don’t know.

On the plus side, since Azureus kept disconnecting my computer from the internet (which also seems to be a common problem with Vista) and there’s something clearly not right with it, I thought I’d install ╬╝Torrent, which seems to work perfectly and looks pretty much the same.

So that was my weekend of trials and tribulations. Next week I have an MRI, a flu jab and a trip to the dentist and the week after is a trip to the balance clinic. So it’ll all be a bit medical.

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Exciting news: Red Dwarf is getting a new series! Despite Back to Earth not living up to series I-VI I’m excited anyway.

I spent last weekend updating all my Firefoxes to 3.5. My laptop and Firefox Portable were on v3 already, so it was just a case of clicking the button and updating a couple of my add-ons manually. The netbook was a different story…

The trouble with it is that Acer made some programs dependent on Firefox 2 and disabled the check for updates button, so I hadn’t bothered updating. It was faster than my old computer, but it had got to the stage where it was really slow, specially in Gmail where my typing was ahead of what was appearing on the screen. So I found some instructions on the internet about how to install Firefox 3 alongside v2. So I copied Firefox files on the netbook so I could make sure to get back to the old version and followed the instructions.

I briefly had both versions open before I restarted, which made all my old Firefox menus and icons open v3. Which, because it wasn’t installed over the top of the old version meant that it didn’t have my profile. The instructions said that it was easy to get the old version back, but didn’t say how. After spending ages searching the internet and trying things I gave up and set up the new version of Firefox.

Which was all fine except that whenever I opened it it opened up four tabs, which wasn’t what I wanted. I assumed this was a problem with Tab Mix Plus restoring things. A week later I found this was because I’d accidentally set my home page to be all four tabs, which it didn’t even occur to me to do…

It’s worked out ok in the end because 3.5 is much faster, nothing seems to be broken, and I have the Penguin Racing game that’s on the Asus Eee on my netbook. Not that I can play it because it moves, but it’ll be there for future usage…

I’ve also watched lots of new things on TV that all seems to be American. But how exciting is Friday evenings going to look with SJA, HIGFNY and Armstrong and Miller?

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