Apr. 19th, 2011 08:33 pm
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I am, amazingly, up to date on Midsomer Murders! Well, until tomorrow. I struggle to get round to watching it because I have to cross stitch while it's on (or watch it in bits) because it's just so slow. I wish they only had an hour and Taggart had their two hours back. But aside from that I am liking the new bloke. Although the last episode was like a Drop the Dead Donkey reunion - it had Alex (with dark hair), George Dent and Dave in it.

Then Lewis, of course, keeps on having people in who've been in other things. I spent the whole of the last episode going mad over the psychiatrist's assistant. It was only after I'd finished watching it that I looked it up on imdb, which thankfully is up to date on the cast per episode. So then I found out she was Jasmine in the new Reggie Perrin.

On the subject of murder mysteries, on the advice of [info]hhertzof I think it was, I tried an episode of Castle. And it turned out to be good! This is unusual because American cop shows spend too much time on soapy stuff and not enough on the crime. But Castle have got the balance just right - which is quite impressive given that they have 10 minutes less than an hour long program on ITV.

And lastly, Red Dwarf is coming back. I'd be excited about it if I knew it was going to be good. But the three episodes they did at Easter a couple of years ago were not that great. I can't decide whether I want more Red Dwarf, or I'd rather it died if it wasn't going to be good. Although it is going to be on Dave, so it will be shorter by definition. Mind you, I'd love to go to a recording, even if it wasn't very good.

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I’ve just watched the latest three episodes of Midsomer Murders. They always take me a while to get round to because they’re so slow you have to do something else while they’re on. It was quite surreal because the first one had Vila from Blakes 7 in, the second had Peter Davison and the Borg Queen (and a couple of other people I recognised but couldn’t be bothered to look up) and the last had that woman from Ultraviolet – with exactly the same hairstyle. Although it says everything about my visual memory that I can’t remember if it’s the same colour and I only saw Ultraviolet a few months ago.

And now for the meme that’s been going round and I hadn’t got round to putting up yet:

Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn’t matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post. Possibly with pictures.*

* There won’t be pictures.

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