Aug. 24th, 2011 08:37 pm
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I have internet back again! As great as it was to have BT OpenZone, it was slow and I couldn't use it on both computers at once (well, I didn't try, I just assumed) and it randomly went down.

Maybe now I can start feeling like things are normal again. Although it still feels like I'm living in someone else's house.

I have uploaded photos - they're the first eight at

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I am all moved in. I just need to sort out the mess in the lounge and put up some posters.

I managed to move on a day when it rained pretty much all day. The removal men came, packed everything in an hour and a half, then moved it over to the house. It was so quick that my PVR hadn't lost any of its settings.

Since I've moved in I've discovered that the shower is a trickle (although I think that might be because the shower head is tiny and useless), the light switch in the kitchen is upside down, the oven doesn't work unless you set the time and the smoke alarm just outside the kitchen (which has no door) is really sensitive.

I also have internet, courtesy of BT Openzone, which I have paid for, but it's better value than dial-up or 3G. It is a bit slower than I'm used to, but far faster than the alternatives. At least it exists, which is great.

While I unpacked I listened to The Rocket Men (Big Finish Ian companion chronicle) which I thought was quite clever. And has jet packs in. Once I've had this month's credit card bill I will be giving Big Finish lots of money for a monthly releases subscription, the Benny box set and the Jo companion chronicle coming up.

I've also been watching Game of Thrones this weekend, since I promised people at work I'd marathon it this weekend. I don't know if I'll finish it though, since I'm only halfway through and it's already mid-morning on Sunday. But so far I am enjoying it, with the aid of a character and actor guide. I spend half the time watching it checking who the characters are and then going to imdb.

I had no idea so many actors I knew were in it. I am less keen on all the sex and gore, but I do like the sword fighting. I definitely need to read the book to understand what's going on - the episodes don't make it clear how much time has passed, which has been confusing me. So far I like Ned Stark dealing with his daughters making his life complicated. Which is much more interesting than him dealing with politics.

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New house

Aug. 15th, 2011 06:07 pm
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I went and saw my new house today - for the second time technically, but this time it didn't have other people's stuff in it. After last time I moved and discovered the flat didn't have a freezer, I was ready to have a mad panic about something else instead. But there isn't anything.

The kitchen doesn't have a door (to be fair, there isn't much space to have one open and has a smoke alarm right outside(!), but the lounge has a door, so I can still shut away the noise of the washing machine. Which seems to be a washer/dryer. Not that I'm likely to use the tumble dryer that much, but it does make towels nice and fluffy.

I measured my furniture with bits of string, then took the string to the new house to work out where to put everything. I'll get to see on Thursday how accurate the string is... But it looks like I can fit all my bedroom stuff in the smaller bedroom (which only shares a wall with my neighbour's bathroom), so I'll have plenty of space for books and other stuff in the big bedroom (which shares both its walls with both my neighbours. I will take photos after my stuff is moved in, it just might be a while before I can upload them.

I also spent the afternoon ringing companies up to change my address. My car and contents insurance have both gone down, which is good. And all the people I talked to were English, apart from one who was Scottish. But on my list of people to tell my new address is 'Friends'. And I've lost track of who even had my address to begin with, so if you'd like my new address (or phone number), let me know.

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I pick up the keys to my house tomorrow - I can't believe the date has come around already. I'm not used to having so long between finding somewhere and moving.

I am so glad the removal men are packing my stuff because there's no way I'd have the energy to do everything by myself. This weekend I got about halfway through my list of people to tell I've moved (although some are unimportant and can wait), spring cleaned the lounge (except for the book shelves, which I did a couple of weeks ago), defrosted the fridge and did some other odd bits of cleaning. And done some betaing. It's just as well I'm not actually moving until Thursday.

Given that my contract for the new place says I have to have it professionally cleaned before I move out, I hope that means the last people have done that, so I won't have to clean it before I move in. Just buy a few things that I need - so far I know I'll need some airers to put on the radiators, as I don't have any. But I'm still paranoid that things will go wrong. I have to try putting my car in the garage tomorrow - I don't know if I can do it or if I can even open the garage door, having never done either of those things before in my life.

On the plus side, I have a couple of friends who live five minutes walk from my new house. They already lent me their electric cool box, so the entire contents of my fridge fit in that and stayed cold while the fridge defrosted. And I will be borrowing space in their freezer, as I have to defrost the freezer for moving it. But they are getting whatever tea bags the removal men don't drink in return.

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I'm feeling like I've achieved things this weekend.

Yesterday I went to London. As the train pulled into Paddington they announced that the only tube line running was the Bakerloo. Which isn't a particularly pleasant line at the best of times, certainly not when it's hot and it's only line stopping at Paddington. So, having established that it was an easy walk, I walked to Oxford Circus. I didn't get lost (although I did consult my map twice). The bit in Hyde Park was quite pleasant, walking through the crowds on Oxford was less so, but I did stop off in a few shops to have a look around, but not buy anything.

Then today I cleaned my bookshelves. I didn't get rid of much because I can't decide, for quite a few books, whether I'm likely to read them or not. But once I've moved I'll have space to buy more bookcases, so then everything will get moved around anyway and I can make decisions. I still have all my other furniture to clean and everything to go through to get rid of stuff I don't want, but at least I've made a start.

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I called the removal firm I wanted and, typically, the date I want the van is having an MOT. They gave me the option of using a bigger van, but they want to start at 8.30am when people are leaving for work so they won't be able to fit it down the road.

So my timetable for moving is:

Monday 15th August: pick up keys, clean new house if it needs it (my contract for it says I need to pay for a cleaning firm to clean it before I move out, so it might not need cleaning before I move in), see what (small things) I need for it and buy them

Tuesday 16th August: rest/finish off anything not done on Monday/do packing related things

Wednesday 17th August: defrost freezer

Thursday 18th August: move

Friday 19th August: clean old flat, if I have the energy to do it

Saturday 20th August: clean old flat if it wasn't done on Friday and I can hand the keys back late enough

The good part of it is that since it didn't cost much more to get the removal firm to pack, they're packing. I think I will have to write a list of things they're not allowed to pack because I keep thinking of more.

But all help is gratefully received. Either with helping direct removals men or cleaning the old flat. And with providing the removals men with tea, since I don't have any tea bags or milk suitable for putting in tea...

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Jul. 18th, 2011 08:43 pm
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I updated WordPress over the weekend and then I had to message my dad because I couldn't find the add post button... It turns out they've taken it away and put it on a menu. And for some reason this post is in an awful font, but I don't know if that's because I'm on my Linux computer and it wants to use a Windows font.

Moving house is all about drama, it seems. Not that it's been very dramatic so far, but it's been enough of a pain.

Two weeks ago I rang three local removal companies, G, P and R. P are the people my friends used to move house - they said P were very good and the cheapest quote.

Two days after I rang, G rang me back. They came round on the Sunday after and I got a quote on the Tuesday. At which point I emailed P and considered whether I could be bothered ringing R again.

Last Wednesday R emailed to tell me to fill in the form on the website that I'd filled in, or to ring. Which just annoyed me, so I decided to ignore them until I could be bothered with them.

On Thursday P emailed and said they'd ring the next day - when I was out on a first aid course and therefore couldn't answer my phone. R also emailed to say I'd filled in the form twice (interesting counting, since I filled it in once) and I should call them. Which I would have done in the first place, had I known. So I did call them. They were really unbending with their options, which put me off them more than I already had been put off.

P called on Friday, and left a message. Usually I don't listen to my voicemail, but since I had nothing better to do during our long lunch break, I did listen to it. Then called them back and arranged for them to come over for a quote that day.

Today, nearly two weeks after I first called, I now have two quotes. The one from the company my friends said were cheapest... is the most expensive. So I'll go with the other ones since I just liked them anyway.

The cool part is that it doesn't cost much more to pay them to pack as well as move. Which means less work on everyone's part and less dizziness on mine. And I don't have to go to my sister's house (45 mins drive away) to borrow her crates.

I was quite amused, though, when the paperwork on one of the quotes mentions that offers of cups of tea are appreciated. I don't have any tea bags and rice milk makes tea taste of semolina (apparently), which I can't imagine would go down well. They'll have to make do with water and watered down orange squash (no one takes theirs as strong as I do).

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Jun. 9th, 2011 09:58 pm
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Blogging hasn't been top of my list of things to recently due to lack of time and energy.

A couple of weeks ago we moved offices, so it now takes longer to get there and back. But I have been exploring different routes and discovered they all take the same amount of time. Although there's one I don't really want to do in the winter because it's narrow and has no streetlights - the main road doesn't have streetlights either, but at least it's the main road.

So then I overdid it with work and extra driving and randomly waking up at 5.30am for no reason. I was so tired a couple of weeks ago I slept during the day. And then slept for twelve hours, which would have been better if I hadn't then woken up dizzy.

So then I spent a week being dizzy. Which was just what I wanted when I was already feeling behind.

I went to see a ballet choreographed by my former teacher. Which I actually enjoyed (the only other time I went to the ballet I found watching the orchestra far more interesting than watching the dancing). It was interesting to see them perform movements we've learnt, but I got to see how they're supposed to look.

I did manage to see a house that I liked and now I am moving into it! I had a list of all the things to look at (so I know, for example, that the bathroom mirror is too high for me to see in, but at least isn't over the sink, so won't involve me standing on one foot and leaning over the sink to see in it), but I mostly just liked it. I am moving mid-August. I need to sort out some men with a van to pay to move my furniture, but any help anyone can offer would be appreciated as it's not likely to do my dizziness any help for a start... If anyone is curious I can message/email them the estate agent's listing.

I also signed up for [info]femgenficathon, which is due around the time I'm moving. And 100 drabbles of summer, which is due a couple of weeks later. Neither of them have any penalties for defaulting, so we'll see. The main trouble I'm having with [info]femgenficathon is which female character to write, there are so many to choose from...

I am on the last edit of my Big Bang. I will be done before Wimbledon.

Tennis! As great as it was to see some of the French Open I could have done without the camera work. Any time the players weren't playing a point the shot would change to the spectators and then move along and zoom in on a player and wave about and zoom in and out. I swapped to the radio commentary at one point because it was making me dizzy. I did hear the commentator remark that Federer looked calm after losing the first point in the tie-break. Which of course is nothing like how he usually is... I've seen a bit of Queens so far and I'm much preferring the camera work. And looking forward to going to the final on Sunday. Fingers crossed for nice weather (or at least no rain).

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You wait ages for one, then three turn up at once. Then two won't let you on and the third turns out to be going somewhere else. At least in bus analagy.

I want to move to a two bedroom house (which I've worked out I can afford). So then I'll have more space for my stuff, a garden and I want a garage. And decent heating.

Admittedly I hadn't done much because I was busy and ill. So last Saturday a house came up that didn't have a garage, but given the scarcity of them, I thought I ought to at least consider it. So I arranged to see it yesterday. Then on Monday a house with a garage came up. So I arranged to see it yesterday. Then on Tuesday a big house with a garage came up that apparently hadn't been updated in a while, hence why it was cheap. On the basis that I couldn't tell if that meant it was alright or falling down, I arranged to see it yesterday.

Friday, one of the estate agents rang to say the house without a garage wasn't available because the tenants had decided to stay. Then another estate agent rang to say the big house wasn't available because someone had let it that day. Which left the one I liked most. So I went to see it and the estate agent had arranged for twelve sets of people to view it, all one after another! It turned out it had electric heating, so I don't want it.

So now I'm back to waiting for more houses to come up that I can go and see. This time I'll go at lunchtimes in order to get in first...

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Mar. 6th, 2011 08:25 pm
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Now I've got Redemption out of the way I'm supposed to be thinking about moving. Which involves getting rid of things and doing packing and paying movers to move all my stuff.

But first I have to find somewhere. Houses with two bedrooms and central heating are easy to find. Houses with a garage are more tricky because there's a lot of terraced housing with accompanied obstacle courses round the cars on the road. Street View's quite handy in that respect.

I have written a list of things to look at when I'm going round houses so I won't choose one based on the colour of the carpets. Which worked out well in this flat, but isn't really the best thing to base it on.

What's complicating it is that I am on two month's notice so I don't want to move any time soon. In fact, as long as I don't move in the middle of winter I don't care when it is. And the last time I moved I looked round three places in the space of a week and chose one of them. So I keep thinking that if I look now I'll just find something too soon. And the ones I like the best, based on the photos and description, are a bit more than I want to pay really and if I go and see them I might like them...

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I’m so tired I’ve been reduced to watching Top Gear repeats on Dave. And it’s currently one I’ve seen before as well. I am still using my internet connection, though, despite my phone being cut off.

It kept raining on and off today, which wasn’t a help. I got to the new flat early and my landlord was already there. When I went inside I discovered there wasn’t a freezer, but I felt sure there had been when I first looked at it… So now I owe my parents money for a freezer, which is being delivered Sunday afternoon. So I can’t move my frozen food till Monday.

BT kept trying to ring me while I was driving, but they came at 1pm, so I could ring Zen and my internet will take 6 working days – I’ll have an exact date by the end of the weekend, but I’m hoping it’s before next weekend and not after.

While all this was going on, and I was trying to clean the new flat, Barclaycard fraud department tried to ring me. I changed my address on and paypal, and they wanted to check it with Barclaycard, who decided it was someone else trying to use my card.

So far I’ve spent £15 on my mobile – it was just as well I had plenty on it to start with.

It was only after I’d been home for a while that I realised I left the hoover there and didn’t mean to. And I forgot to clean the fridge in the new flat. The trouble was it was 2.30pm by the time I left there and I hadn’t had lunch. Which is partly why I’m so tired.

And I currently hate the new flat on the basis that it’s not home. But I remember thinking that about this place two years ago, so it will pass. Eventually.

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