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Ages ago The Guardian had a list of top 100 websites, including various music-listening ones. I like – it’s learning quite well and actually plays a better variety than Pandora did before it stopped. And then I discovered the website and you can play specific tracks and it tells you which ones you’ve, which is really useful.

Since then I’ve been using Spotify, mostly to play albums that I have on CD but can’t be bothered to get up and get… But for Christmas I asked my sister for copies of some of her CDs because I know she has some I want, since I heard The Killers at Reading (on the TV, I didn’t actually go).

But I tried some others – Jango and Deezer and The first two I did bookmark in case they were useful when I couldn’t find a track. The latter I didn’t. But today I had an email from it to say someone had friended me on it. How they found me I don’t know. So I went in, created a picture and then thought I’d play some music. At which point it all fell down because I can’t work out how to do it. The FAQ is more concerned with blipping, which I don’t want to do, I just want it to play stuff. It says it’s all about creating your own radio station, so I thought I’d give it my loved list from and Pandora, if I can find where I saved the screencap. But I literally can’t work out how to do it. Which doesn’t really say much for it, other than I’ll stick to and Spotify – and they don’t use up a tab in Firefox.

And my body’s still in GMT – I was so tired this morning but awake now, even though I’ve been used to going to bed at 10pm.

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