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I might have been a bit distracted by the Olympics and not posted. And by might I mean was. And still am - since it finished I've watched the men's triathlon, diving, BMX. I still have plenty to catch up on - I should be finished by the time the Paralympics start...

I have managed some non-Olympics things in the past couple of weeks. The weekend before last I went to the Nine Worlds convention. Last year I generally wasn't impressed with it, but loved the Whedon Singalong enough to go back. This time they only sang a selection of songs in the Whedon Singalong, which didn't include my favourites. And I liked the rest of the con less. So next year I might just be going to the Whedon Singalong, if they return to singing all the songs.

While I was there, Missy was having a holiday with my sister. They both enjoyed it, except for when my sister had her in-laws round and Missy wasn't happy that there were people in the house and she wasn't being played with.

I went through a whole load of my cards. Back in uni, when we had Wednesday afternoons off for sport, I spent it playing the Star Trek customisable card game. I haven't played it since I left, but I have a lot of cards. Also, quite a few Magic cards, Young Jedi (which I don't even remember playing), Attack of the Clones cards, the Dilbert card game (which at least is just a normal card game), a pack of Original Series Star Trek cards. And a booster pack of Harry Potter cards. The TOS cards are confusing because they're in a box that states it contains 65 cards including Kirk, Spock, McCoy & Enterprise + a rulebook. It actually contains more than 65 cards, none of which are Kirk, Spock or McCoy and no rulebook. I don't remember playing this one either.

Going through my Star Trek cards brought back memories of playing it. I'm pretty sure in one of the boxes was the deck I last played at a tournament where I assimilated Earth. Which is pretty much all I remember of how to play it. I just have to decide, with all of these cards, whether to sell/get rid of them, keep them as a collection (and get rid of the duplicates) or keep them and play them. But right now I'm enjoying cataloguing them and putting them in order. And trying to convince myself that I don't need to buy any more...

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Aug. 7th, 2016 02:31 pm
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It's the Olympics! Although annoyingly, so far Kyle Edmund's first match was not on the TV or BBC Sport website anywhere. And the only way to find out who is playing when for tennis is on the official website - the rest will either just tell you the country and/or try and tell you the time. I want to know who from what country is playing and work out for myself when they might be playing. Although the answer to today's interesting matches is 'at the same time as everything else I want to watch' (ie gymnastics and fencing).

It hasn't all been about tennis. Tennis is a bit of an odd sport at the Olympics because tennis is rarely about which country you play for and matches go on for such a long time you could just watch tennis and never see anything else.

There is also swimming. The finals are annoyingly in the middle of the night, due to American broadcasters. But it is at least on the website (and repeated in the mornings). This morning I saw Adam Peaty's 100m breastroke semi-final three times, so I am sure I can manage to watch the final before work. As long as I can also avoid knowing the result...

And there's fencing. Which is never on TV outside of the Olympics. And was never on TV before the last Olympics. Last time it made it to BBC3 (which no longer exists). This time it is on the red button and we have male foilists who are actually good. Who knew? So it's possible some of their fights could make it to BBC4 later, you never know.*

The trouble is there are so many sports it's sometimes hard to know what to watch. Day 2 has only just started and so far I've seen swimming, tennis, fencing, gymnastics, cycling, water polo and beach volleyball. I'm loving it. I only wish I didn't have to work during it (listening on the radio isn't quite the same).

*Edit: And then it was on BBC1. BBC1! They were pretending it was live, 45 minutes after it actually happened, but still. BBC1!

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On the final day of the Olympic tennis I went to Wimbledon. On Court 1 while Murray was playing Federer in the gold medal match on Centre, but still. I did get to see Djokovic vs Del Potro, which I was excited about. I think I've seen Del Potro play once, the first year the ATP Tour Final was in London and I've never seen Djokovic play. I have photos of the green and pinky purple clashing colour scheme, not to mention some of the players at on my flickr account.

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Aug. 12th, 2012 07:50 pm
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I have really enjoyed the Olympics. I've spent most of my time the past two weeks either watching it or working (in which case I've either also been watching it or listening to it on the radio). I don't quite know what to do with myself now. Well, except for all the things I haven't done the past two weeks...

On the BBC's list of Olympic sports I counted and established that I've seen all but 8 out of the 36. And those 8 were the ones I've tried before and know I don't like.

Mostly I liked the first week better, but I remembered the same thing happened at Beijing. The most exciting thing to happen all Olympics was fencing on TV. I never thought I'd see it on TV and it even made BBC3. Even my parents thought it was exciting. It reminded me that I want to go back to it, but I'm not well enough yet (it's on too late in the evening), but even if I was it clashes with choir so I'd have to pick one.

I really liked being able to watch all the sports on the website. There was no point in guessing what channel anything was going to be on, so you couldn't tape anything you were missing. It was good to choose what to watch and when, and to watch two things at once. It was a pain when the videos were slow, though - I saw a few dives where the diver went from the diving board to the water with nothing in between.

Needless to say I'm looking forward to the Paralympics in three weeks. I'll probably be spending quite a bit of time catching up on that as I'll be there for four days out of the nine at the swimming, tennis and fencing...

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Very excitingly today, I found out we got loads of Paralympic tickets. We were allowed to put in for ten session, so we went for all of the swimming at the weekends (six in total), all of the wheelchair tennis at the weekends (three in total) and then a wheelchair fencing. We got but one of the wheelchair tennis! So we're going to be going to the Olympic Park in September next year and seeing quite a lot of swimming. Which is good because we're not going to anything at the Olympic Park for the Olympics and not seeing any swimming.

One of my neighbours across the way has a black and white cat. After the first time it saw me it's been really friendly and bashing its head against my hand, wanting to be stroked. Today, when I got home I found it sitting outside my back door. Which wasn't that much of a surprise because there's quite a big gap under the back fence. But then it meowed to be let in! So I let it in and it wandered around my lounge and purred when I stroked it. When I decided I really ought to put the dinner and opened the back door it happily went out. It was a very good cat.

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There is no more curling and I am sad. I watched about six games at the weekend and we lost most of them which was depressing. Especially as we didn’t get to the semis, despite the men being the top team in the world and two of them being full time curlers. Rubbish. There’ll be no more curling for four years now – I can’t imagine the BBC will show the wheelchair curling at the Paralympics. If there’s some International curling in Scotland at some point in the future I make go on holiday and watch some curling while I’m there, though.

On the plus side, I now have time to do things other than watch curling and ice skating. I just have two weeks worth of TV to watch instead. Which actually won’t take me a week – there’s not really much on at the moment.

Saturday night I helped run the bar at the annual Welsh evening (it being St David’s Day today). It consisted of quite a bit of singing in Welsh… We had a whole load of beer left over that we couldn’t take back to Tescos, so I took it into work because I know people there would go mad for free beer. And, I brought it all home again. The reason: they’d have to get it out of my boot. Despite my car being parked a whole two minutes walk away, it was a sunny day and I was parked in the same place everyone else parks. I knew people at work were apathetic, but not being able to get off your arse for free beer is something else. So I’ll be throwing that away now.

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I am so behind on the Olympics – I have a PVR full of curling. I did discover that team GB will play 18 matches between then and that’s if they don’t get to the semis… I think it’s safe to say I’m not going to be watching all those in a week. So after spending Tuesday and Wednesday night (around pancakes in the case of Tuesday) watching the first men and women’s matches, I swapped back to skating. So now I’ve seen the pairs and the men’s short program and I’m all skated out. So this morning’s skating will just have to wait until tomorrow.

The rest of the curling will wait until after the Olympics – I’ll just wait and see if we get into the semis and watch that.

Because of this I haven’t watched any TV all week and I have a whole load of RSS feeds marked as unread that I just haven’t read/commented on. And a whole load of other things to do. And other sports I’d quite like to see some of. I really could do without having to work…

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Feb. 15th, 2010 08:26 pm
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I don’t know how I’m going to watch all the Olympics. I saw bits yesterday morning in their extended highlights, which was just the right amount of all the sports that look crazy enough to watch but get samey pretty quickly.

Tonight I managed to get the pair short program into about an hour but cutting out anything that wasn’t the actual skating. But tonight’s the free program which has more skating, then tomorrow there’s a GB curling match and I’m going out for pancakes in the evening.

And there’s only so much Olympics you can watch in an evening. Fortunately I have nothing planned for the weekend, so it might involve watching a lot of ice skating and curling and a bit of other sports…

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that various people have been posting their TV series for the meme at [info]isurrendered and there’s some really interesting stuff there. I think I have the smallest cast…

Copper won the prize for guessing the connection between the actors in mine: they’ve all played policemen/women:

  • Peter Davison was DC ‘Dangerous’ Davies in The Last Detective
  • Ben Peyton was PC Ben Haywood in The Bill
  • Philip Glenister was DCI Gene Hunt in Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes and also DCI William Bell in State of Play
  • Jaye Griffiths was DI Sally Johnson in The Bill

Georgia Moffett only played a policewoman’s daughter: she was Abi Nixon, DS/DI Sam Nixon’s daughter in The Bill.

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