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This week was starting out as a good week – I felt great on Monday morning. Then I stayed late to help someone else on a project and the week has gone downhill from there. Although I did have a very nice cod with tomato sauce in one of the Italian restaurants last night.

Since I installed Windows 7, my printer doesn’t work with it. I had a complete arse with it in XP, but it was perfect in Vista. In theory it should just have been a case of downloading the drivers, but in practice that had no effect. So I browsed a lot of forums and tried various things, none of which had any effect.

I ended up asking HP support who told me to do lots of things I’d already done (despite telling them I’d done it), were complete idiots and treated me like an idiot and didn’t read my emails properly. And now they’ve given up. They’ve concluded that the problem must be my computer and I should contact the computer’s manufacturer and get them to format it. Beyond the obvious question of why on earth would I get Acer to format my computer, my answer to that is not just no, it’s hell, no.

So now I need a new printer that definitely, definitely works with Windows 7. So one that’s come out this year, probably. And ideally works with my current cartridges too, since I have one of each spare… I hate being printerless as well. I don’t use it that often but now I keep needing to use it!

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