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Apr. 4th, 2016 08:48 pm
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I've been gradually working my way through all the stuff I have taped on my PVR. I've done all the hour long documentaries and now just have the TV series to go. Which feel like the harder bits...

But then I got distracted yesterday and watched an episode of Quantum Leap - The Americanization of Machiko. It had been on my mind after I'd watched a documentary about time travel in sci-fi that mentioned Quantum Leap. The episode is about a sailor who returns from two years in Japan, with a Japanese wife. Who his mother doesn't approve of. Because it's Quantum Leap of course it all turns out all right in the end.

It just reminded me how good Quantum Leap was. And how much I should resist the urge to watch (nearly) all the rest of the episodes (I've never felt the need to rewatch Lee Harvey Oswald, the Evil Leaper stuff or the last episode).

It is a lot easier to have time to watch these things at the weekend. Partly because I can watch them during the day, while Missy is asleep. In the evenings she wants to play (and I want to play with her too) or she'll be noisy drinking or chewing the bars. Sometimes it can take me a whole evening to watch something an hour long.

But I can't blame her for building up a massive load of things to watch on my PVR because most of it was from last year (and some from the year before), and I only got Missy after New Year.

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It must be autumn... Sign ups for people wanting to write a remix are open in [info]dw_remix, [info]sga-secretsanta has sign ups open and Yuletide has started discussing nominations. I haven't written anything since Remix, so being forced to do it will get me back into the habit.

The trouble I have at the moment is that watching things leads to me watching other things. I have seen Dark Matter, which I think I have finally decided I like (except for the first two cliched episodes and a few boring ones). It had Torri Higginson in a couple of episodes, which made me miss Elizabeth (from Stargate Atlantis). Just as I was thinking about it, [info]sga-secretsanta popped up. With a two a half month writing period, which I'll probably need, if last year is any indication.

I watched some Star Trek: Enterprise, which made me want to watch Quantum Leap. And now Quantum Leap is on my potential nominations list for Yuletide.

Since I was thinking about The Librarian/The Librarians for Yuletide, and getting excited about season 2 starting in November, I watched a few bits. Which made me want to watch Ugly Betty. Which was why I ended up rewatching it earlier this year (I am not rewatching it again).

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After taking a few weeks off to show live Indian cricket, ITV4 is now showing Quantum Leap. Although when I discovered it was on they were partway through season 3. Which was perfect because seasons 1 & 5 were the only ones I'd seen all of. They only showed it Tuesdays-Fridays, now they're showing it on Mondays too, so I keep missing them.

They stopped just before the last episode of season 4 (A Leap for Lisa) which is my favourite, so that felt like a long wait (especially when I didn't know if they were going to continue). Now they're onto season 5 I'm hoping once they get to the end of that they'll go back to season 1 so I can see the rest of the episodes I've missed.

But having seen so many episodes in a relatively short period of time it's interesting to see just how different season 5 is. I'd decided to miss the strange ones (Lee Harvey Oswald, Evil Leaper stuff and the Sammy-Jo Trilogy) because I didn't like them enough to watch a second time.

Then I watched Star Light, Star Bright, which (sort of) had aliens in it. I looked through summaries for the rest of the episodes and they nearly all have something strange in them. I can see now why it was cancelled because it's just not as good. But I can also see why they did it - there are an awful lot of episodes and only so many different things they can do. If they hadn't changed it a bit it would have just got boring anyway.

The annoying thing is it suddenly occurred to me, back in season 3, what happens to the people when Sam leaps out and they go back to their lives? From The Leap Back we know that Sam remembers his leaps while he's leaping, but once he stops he forgets. And leaping swiss cheeses your memory anyway. So I'm fine with the idea that once they go back to their lives they'll forget everything they saw at PQL.

So these people go back to their improved lives and are expected to know what happened to them while they were in fact in the Waiting Room. Definitely so in the one where he's an actor playing a doctor where Sam says at the end that he'll always remember being kidnapped. Except that the actor wasn't, it was Sam. The actor has no memories of the event.

So how does that work? Won't people be suspicious that this person started acting oddly (when Sam leaped in) and then acted differently oddly (when Sam leaped out)? What if that person destroyed whatever it was that Sam fixed in their ignorance? And why am I only thinking about this now and not when I originally saw Quantum Leap back in the mid-90s?

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