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Working mostly. This week had four working days in it and I did more than five days worth of hours just in those four days. That sort of thing doesn't really leave much time or brain for anything else.

I have been watching Red Dwarf, on the basis that it's short, doesn't require too much brain (since I know it all already) and it's funny, so cheers me up. I actually started with X - Lemons to be specific, because the Jesus joke is still funny. Then I went onto IV, V and VI. Which was the right way round to do it. And then I decided to watch some of them with the commentary turned on instead.

The commentaries seem like they put the actors in a room and left them to it. They mostly discuss the guest actors and the lighting. They do sound like they're having a fun time watching them together. It turns out that Chris Barrie doesn't remember most of the episodes, apart from being oiled in Terrorform.

I also rewatched a one-off thing from 1999 called Hunting Venus. When I originally saw it I liked the music so much I bought the soundtrack (I've never really bought much music). But I bought it on tape, since I didn't own a CD player at the time (I've also always been behind the times on music formats). I wanted to get it on CD, but it was long since discontinued. And then earlier this year I looked it up on eBay and found it cheap. Listening to it in the car made me want to rewatch it. It's not out on DVD (unsurprisingly) but various people have put it up on the internet.

It's about a band called The Venus Hunters who had a hit in the early 80s. Fifteen years later they're brought together to perform one last time. It's full of 80s music and I really like their hit (which was written by Jools Holland). It stars Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey, which was probably why I watched it at the time. But it also stars Ben Miller, who I'd never heard of back then. Oh, and Neil Morrissey plays a woman, which I'd forgotten. He's very good at it as well. It was a fun thing that doesn't require a brain either.

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I just read today, in the TV guide of all places, that Red Dwarf has two more series! One next year, one the year after. I am very excited about that because X was good. Theoretically I have the news feed in my RSS reader, but it's refused to update since February. And the twitter account hasn't been updated since 2012.

Remix ([info]remixers_lounge) is happening. Well, sign-ups are happening until the end of the weekend. I like that they have the signup and request summaries visible, so you can see who you're likely to be remixing. It will only finish two months before [info]dw_remix starts, but I can't move that any later, as otherwise it ends up clashing with Yuletide.

Starting this weekend is [info]lost_spook Obscure and British commentfest. Obscure and British is what most of my fandoms are, so hopefully I will manage some fills this time round.

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Busy week

Oct. 7th, 2012 05:52 pm
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I have been busy this week. Monday I felt great and stayed up until 11pm. Then Tuesday I went out to Rotary, post about that to follow, but I couldn't sleep for all the things I was thinking about. Wednesday it all went horribly wrong at work, so then I was worrying about that. Thursday I stayed up late after choir to watch Red Dwarf X. Friday I was too tired to do anything.

Yesterday I spent four hours in the afternoon cutting things in the garden. It is now done, although I could cut ivy forever and never finish, I think. But I have at least thinned it out and chopped the long bits that were making their way across the ground. I now have 25 big bags of garden waste to take to the recycling centre when I have the energy.

I was going to write a post about Red Dwarf, but it's not a programme that needs (or wants) analysis. Did I like it: yes, did I laugh: yes. Job done. It was better than Back to Earth and felt like series III. Which considering only Doug Naylor wrote it, is pretty good, because he's just not that funny on his own. Hopefully the rest of the series will be more of the same.

I also signed up for the [info]dw_femslash ficathon. I tend to like gen when it comes to Doctor Who, but it at least is a fandom with plenty of women in it to choose from and it'll be a different writing challenge. And will hopefully get me writing - I stopped for the summer of sport and haven't started again yet, despite having the time to.

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A catch-up

Sep. 30th, 2012 10:13 am
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Every day this week I've got into work, thought I've not got much on and ended up being really busy. So by Friday when I went to see Alan Davies I spent the second half alternating between laughing and yawning.

This week I'm hoping won't be as busy as I'm out three nights in a row. And then I get to spend Friday avoiding the internet so I don't see any Red Dwarf spoilers.

But I did find the time to do my Yuletide nominations (Sarah Jane Smith audios, Sadler's Wells, Big Finish: Counter-Measures). But what I'm most looking forward to in this year's Yuletide is being able to write Treats and offering to write fandoms that I'd have to do some research in before I write because there's actually time to do that this year.

Last night I thought I was awake enough to stay up and watch The Thick of It. Although I still managed not to get to it before the PVR started taping it. And then when I watched it I thought it had started a minute early and when I came to watch it on the iPlayer I found I'd actually missed the first seven minutes. It did make so much more sense once I'd watched the first seven minutes (especially the reminder of what happened two weeks ago).

Edit: After a few minutes work I now have an entirely appropriate Thick of It icon The Thick of It
although that text looks better on my computer. What's that font that looks good at size 6?

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Apr. 19th, 2011 08:33 pm
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I am, amazingly, up to date on Midsomer Murders! Well, until tomorrow. I struggle to get round to watching it because I have to cross stitch while it's on (or watch it in bits) because it's just so slow. I wish they only had an hour and Taggart had their two hours back. But aside from that I am liking the new bloke. Although the last episode was like a Drop the Dead Donkey reunion - it had Alex (with dark hair), George Dent and Dave in it.

Then Lewis, of course, keeps on having people in who've been in other things. I spent the whole of the last episode going mad over the psychiatrist's assistant. It was only after I'd finished watching it that I looked it up on imdb, which thankfully is up to date on the cast per episode. So then I found out she was Jasmine in the new Reggie Perrin.

On the subject of murder mysteries, on the advice of [info]hhertzof I think it was, I tried an episode of Castle. And it turned out to be good! This is unusual because American cop shows spend too much time on soapy stuff and not enough on the crime. But Castle have got the balance just right - which is quite impressive given that they have 10 minutes less than an hour long program on ITV.

And lastly, Red Dwarf is coming back. I'd be excited about it if I knew it was going to be good. But the three episodes they did at Easter a couple of years ago were not that great. I can't decide whether I want more Red Dwarf, or I'd rather it died if it wasn't going to be good. Although it is going to be on Dave, so it will be shorter by definition. Mind you, I'd love to go to a recording, even if it wasn't very good.

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