Apr. 24th, 2013 09:50 pm
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At work I have a whole load of browsers on my computer because we have to test things in a variety of browsers. At home I use Firefox and get out Chrome/Chromium if something doesn't work in Firefox or if I want to log into two Gmail accounts at once, for example.

At work I use Internet Explorer because the software we use used to only work with IE. Now it works with most browsers, but I've got used to think of IE as a work program. If I had to upgrade to IE9 then I might reconsider. There aren't many keyboard shortcuts in the software, but Ctrl+s to save is one. However, in IE9 that does nothing. Which is quite annoying, but not nearly as annoying as Chrome which refreshes the page to put it back to where it was when you last saved. Annoying is putting it mildly.

Back when Chrome was new I disliked it for its minimalism. I once spent a while on it trying to work out how to bookmark a page (without using the keyboard shortcut). I gave up when I realised I also didn't know how to see my bookmarks. I could have looked it up, but if something so basic isn't obvious then it's not a piece of software I am going to use.

So I really dislike that IE, Firefox and Opera all think that looking like Chrome is a good thing. It's not. If I wanted a browser that looked like Chrome, I'd use Chrome. Since I don't want a browser that looks like Chrome, I use Firefox. So making Firefox like Chrome is not a help. The only way I can cope is that at least IE and Firefox give you an option to put the menu back. In fact there's something weird going on with my Firefox on my laptop because I still have all the buttons I had on 3.6. So I don't touch any of that in case they go away.

I'd go on to talk about Firefox's release schedule and Chrome updating when you check your version (which is really unhelpful when trying to check things in old versions of Chrome), but that feels like enough of a rant for one post.

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