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On Thursday night I stayed up for two and a half hours. By the time I went to bed the birds were singing and there were so few seats declared it was obvious nothing was going to happen for a while. Annoyingly I still woke up at 7am, despite having the day off. I could have slept all night and got up at 4am - I'd have had more sleep and seen more excitement. Still, it was exciting that we were down to the last 7 seats, near lunchtime, before there was a result. Even if it was a depressing result. To make it worse, one of my local results was all Conservative and the other was six-sevenths Conservative. But the UKIP candidates on the first all came bottom. And, for once, considering that I live in a Conservative safe seat, I actually felt like my vote counted.

I decided to go and see the Spooks film yesterday, to cheer me up. Then I realised that wouldn't work, so I went to keep myself awake and take my mind off things. It did, but it was depressing. It was good though. I liked that the main character was a 60 year old man - how many films can say that? And it had Harry being Harry, only without Ruth, even more so.

One of the things that depressed me was that they'd changed the Grid. I'd been watching series 10 to remind myself of the non-Harry and Ruth characters and in the film it has a completely different atmosphere. But then I watched some earlier series and it has a completely different atmosphere in those too. So it is very Spooks-like in that everything changes (except Harry).

I was going to say that watching older Spooks is less depressing because you can choose what to watch. So in series 10 I skipped all the Elena bits and both the deaths. And fell in love with Dimitri and watch series 9, minus the Lucas secret bits and deaths. But then I decided to go back to my favourite episode, I Spy Apocalypse. And now I'm depressed. It's such a good episode - I know it's not the end of the world, but it still feels like it.

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paranoidangel: Harry Sullivan, Harry Pearce, Harry Potter (Harrys)

I don't generally talk about Spooks much here because I know various people are behind or haven't seen earlier series and I hate to spoil people, or offer up temptation. The latter I discovered before series 8, so I read forums and therefore knew things I'd rather have waited for the episode to find out. But the last ever episode (sob!) made me want to talk about it. But I will endeavour to do so without spoilers.

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paranoidangel: Harry Sullivan, Harry Pearce, Harry Potter (Harrys)

Last Wednesday I randomly got dizzy. Which is crap, but on the plus side, at least it wasn't this Wednesday, as that's when ballet starts again and I finished my Girl Saves Boy ficathon fic last Tuesday. Once I had the idea I sat down for an hour on Sunday evening, Monday evening and Tuesday evening and then it was done. Minus betaing obviously.

So my life for the past week has been very boring. Apart from discovering a big spider on my bed last night, which is the sort of excitement I can do without.

And Spooks is back, yay! Sadly only for six episodes. But this week's featured Dayna from Blake's 7 (I spent the whole of the first scene she was in trying to work out if it was her). When I went on the website to check the credits I realised I knew why I recognised Elena - she was the Borg Queen. Only First Contact was quite a long time ago.

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