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Game of Thrones started again last week and I still haven't seen the last series. But instead I've been watching two old things with 'The' in the title.

The Avengers
I went to my parents last weekend and Dad mentioned The Avengers is on weekdays. So we watched a couple of Steed & Peel episodes. They were the beginning of the colour ones, which I have seen all of. I can't remember which black & white ones I have seen any more - and sometimes looking at the descriptions on the backs of the DVDs makes me want to rewatch ones I know I have seen, which isn't helpful for getting through them.

It was well timed because I've just been listening to Big Finish's audio adaptations of Steed & Peel comic strips. Which were good and gloriously ridiculous and whimsical, which is what I like about The Avengers. The first one was (sort of) a follow up to an episode that I didn't remember. And then I discovered that's because I've seen the other two episodes on the DVD, but not that one. Or I hadn't at the time - I've seen it now.

They're also showing Tara King episodes, which I would tape, since I've only seen a few of those. But there are two every weekday and I'd just never get through them. I already have a load of stuff I haven't watched.

The Guild
I'd heard of this - I knew it was a web series that Felicia Day had done, but nothing else. But then I read her book and found out it was about people playing an MMORG and it sounded interesting. I've never played one myself because I know I'd get sucked into it, but I have some idea of what they involve. Not that it mattered much for watching The Guild. Which I got through the whole of in less than a week. It was good - I liked it. And now I'm trying to stop myself from re-watching it all with annotations (which are interesting).

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Since the re-release of the whole of The Avengers on DVD, I've been watching the Cathy Gale era. Or at least trying to. I made it through two DVDs plus half an episode before I decided that I wasn't going to enjoy it more the more I tried.

I started with the Emma Peel era. I own them all on DVD in a boxset that was only available in Region 1. Although I've seen all the colour episodes, I still haven't seen all the black & white ones. I must finish those sometime.

I went onto the Tara King era because they were the only ones available at the time. I think I've seen two DVDs of those. It took me a while to get used to Tara, but Steed's still Steed and Tara's flat is so cool. Her front door is a floor above the rest of the flat and she has a fireman's pole to get down to the lounge. There are stairs too, but the fireman's pole comes in very useful in fights. The point at which I really like the era was in Look - (stop me if you've heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers which involved people being murdered in clown-related ways. The whole thing's hilarious.

The Cathy Gale era can't fail to be cool with Honor Blackman (although as far as I'm concerned she'll always be the grandmother in whatever sitcom it was I watched in the 80s/90s with Joe McGann). I've even (accidentally) started with some of the later DVDs. I've even gone for episodes that are supposedly good or like the Emma Peel era. And I've just not really cared much. Partly it's because the relationship between Steed & Gale isn't like that of Steed & Peel and I miss it. But also I haven't like the episodes so much. I can't put my finger on why, I just can't get excited about them.

So the conclusion is I need to finish my Emma Peel box set and not worry so much about the rest.

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