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May. 30th, 2010 04:28 pm
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I haven’t updated a while. First I didn’t have time and then I didn’t want to catch up and then I got dizzy… But these are all the things I might have posted about had I got round to it sometime in the last couple of weeks:

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I’d never seen The Prisoner, but I knew a few bits about it – including the ending. So when it started on ITV a couple of weeks ago I was keen to see what it was like, on the basis that if I liked it, maybe I’d like the original and if I didn’t like it, then maybe I’d like the original.

So far I’ve found it to be alright, but not that gripping and quite slow. But I want to find out how they’re going to end it and it’s only six episodes, so I’m definitely going to keep watching.

And then ITV4 showed the original. Which I had to watch on ITV Player because I didn’t found out until two hours after it was on (amazing, something I want to watch actually being on there!). Annoyingly my netbook does sound but no picture, but the laptop’s happy. And it doesn’t have adverts, which is good and unexpected.

So after having seen the first episode (which excitingly had Paul Eddington (Jim Hacker in Yes, Minister) and George Baker (Inspector Wexford) in) I have to say that I prefer the original. It’s more exciting and it’s more realistic. The new one has the residents of the village refuse to admit that anything outside of it exists, whereas in the original they know it does, but they can’t leave. And it doesn’t have as many people – it comes across as really odd in the new version that he’s Number 6 when the people go up to Number 554 or whatever.

And it reminds me of The Avengers because it was made in the 60s so it just has a similar style and feel.

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