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I went to see Yes, Prime Minister at the theatre yesterday. It was quite weird that I left the house not long before lunch and got back before Doctor Who, yet in that time had been to London and seen a play.

We managed to find the theatre fairly easily, despite it being in Shaftesbury Avenue, which is impossible to navigate. And our conversation on the train going like this:

Me: Where are we going?
My sister: Hammersmith Apollo
Me: So why does it say the nearest tube is Picadilly Circus?

The stairs up to the balcony had walls and a floor that looked like you'd get in a toilet. Then the balcony itself was dark and had uneven stairs. Either of those is quite bad for me never mind both... Fortunately there were lots of handrails. When we sat down the top of the seats of the people in front of us were around our feet and there was a rail in our eyeline to the stage. And when you sat on the seats they didn't go down all the way.

Despite all that it was good and funny. It was a lot like an episode, only longer, with different actors (all of whom had either been in The Bill, Doctor Who or Midsomer Murders). It was updated, though. There was a woman in it! And Blackberries and a flatscreen TV.

Some of the jokes were a lot like in the series - Hacker asks Humphrey to give him a straight answer of yes or no, for example. Humphrey had a couple of very long sentences, which he got a round of applause for.

I don't think it really got going until the second scene, but it was funny and definitely worth seeing.

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