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Jan. 7th, 2013 09:01 pm
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My Christmas project was to create the Rotary website and do some stuff on mine.

The Rotary website didn't take long once I actually got started. I won't link to it here because it'll narrow down where I live quite a bit, plus the other members don't get to hear about this until tomorrow's meeting. I used on the basis that it's free and simple. I was amazed at how simple it was, but frustrated at not being able to do small things that I can do easily on (which is hosted by me, so I can literally change anything). Hopefully they'll all like it and it'll be easy for anyone else to edit. Getting anyone else to do anything on it will be the hard part...

On my website, I realised I just wasn't updating much on it, so I cut down a bit and put all the remaining pages in WordPress. My page of icons I've made was suddenly so much easier to change about. I realised after I'd done it that the whole site except for the index page is now within the blog/ folder, but I couldn't be bothered to change it. It really doesn't make that much difference in the end anyway. Theoretically it should be a bit simpler to update it from now on, not that there'll be much to update. I sort of feel like it's cheating to use WordPress, but in reality I use more html/css at work than I used on my website these days anyway.

Then I played about with my fanfic archive too. WordPress introduced custom taxonomies - LJ and Dreamwidth have one of those, that they call tags, WP has two built in: categories and tags. Now my fanfic archive has lots, for characters, length, pairings etc. It didn't take long to create them, then it took a while to copy the tags over to my taxonomies. And then I spent ages trying to get the LJ crossposter to crosspost said taxonomies. I eventually managed that over the weekend. It all looks much nicer on my site and makes it easier to find things. It just doesn't look as good on LJ, but since that's really just for telling people there's a new fic and giving them a place to read it, it doesn't matter too much.

One of the problems I have with the crossposter I'm using is that it hasn't been updated in a long time and there's another one out there that is being updated and has some features (well, ok, one) that I like (but on the whole I'm not so keen on it). So this evening I've been playing with php (after a day of playing with actionscript) to work out how the newer crossposter does it, to try and insert that code into the older one. So far I've worked out where the relevant bits are and decided that it's more than an evening's work - and will probably mess up the plugin while I fiddle with it, which'll mean I won't be able to post (unless I crosspost it by hand and that just involves too much effort). So we'll see. There's something to be said for the "this plugin doesn't do quite what I want, so let me modify it" approach, even if it's just "where did my evening go?".

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My fanfic

Dec. 30th, 2011 07:49 pm
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I was having withdrawal symptoms not playing with blogging sites, so I have created a fanfic blog over at Dreamwidth at [info]pa_fic.

All of my fanfic is on my website at There you can get an RSS feed of the whole thing, or just fandoms and there's a link in the sidebar that tells you how to search multiple tags and/or fandoms.

Everything I've written since March 2009 is also crossposted to LJ at [info]pa_fic. Now [info]pa_fic will have everything from 2012. I haven't copied over the old stuff to LJ and DW because the crossposting plugin won't do that with old entries to communities. And the version on my website gives better options for finding things.

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I've been home for a few days to see the cat, who is crazy. And very naughty. I get a few things done, then have to stop to play with the cat. He particularly likes paper. He takes it off to play with - no idea why but it keeps him happy. He also likes having a ping pong ball thrown up the stairs for him to chase. Or often for me to chase because he's just sat there and watched it. There are photos of him, some of them are new.

I have managed to change my blog about a bit to get rid of some of the crap I had down the sidebars, and only have one sidebar, so it doesn't look so cramped and busy any more. And discovered while I was doing it that my tag cloud didn't display. It does now. And I did my Remix reviews for Sel's website, which would have been so much easier if I'd done them at the time and not had to re-read them...

Writing-wise I have looked a bit prolific lately. Partly because I actually got off my arse and wrote stuff this month. I managed to write something for [info]lotr_community: The Ghosts of Men about the Dead Men. I got my fic in for [info]intoabar early: The Magic Ring where Maria Jackson unexpectedly finds herself in Rivendell. And I wrote an episode tag for SJA: Death of the Doctor by starting it before the episode was broadcast: The Importance of Family starring Jo.

For November there's [info]picowrimo which is a mini Nanowrimo where you set your own goals. I haven't had the energy to do it the past few years, but this year I am going to finish my Four, Sarah and Harry end up in present day UNIT fic that I started a long time ago. I thought that after that I'd done every combination of Sarah and Harry fic, until I thought of two more I could write. So it seems not. And then there'll also be Yuletide, of course, but by the time the assignments have gone out and I've done some research it'll be late November by the time I start writing that.

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I’ve been playing around on the blog front.

On my blog you can now comment using just your OpenID. It would have worked a year ago if I’d only known the plugin to show you a preview of your comment was interfering with it…

Also, I’m using a new crossposter. The big advantage of this one is that if I create a password protected post here, it posts it on LJ as a friends locked post. Which is what I always wished the crossposter would do, so that’s handy. You’ll notice on LJ that the header has changed and now become a footer. Exciting, ay?

Since Dreamwidth made it from closed to open beta the other day (at least from my perspective) I now have an account there: paranoidangel. The crossposter posts simultaneously to both LJ and DW, so I now have three backups of my blog.

When I finally wade into RSS Bandit and the 1157 unread feeds I had in there this morning (some of which I’ve read in Google Reader, to be fair) I might well take some people off my LJ friends list, since that is merely a list of who I am reading and I suspect I will find that I will just mark some of those as read without reading them.

But it’s ok because there are other ways of reading my very rare protected posts - which I only really want to hide from random people who’ve surfed in randomly. Either you can ask me the password and read it on the blog (or search the blog to find it). Or read it on DW. What I plan to do there is give access to anyone who wishes it - basically if you subscribe to my DW journal, I’ll give you access. But if you friend my LJ, I will only friend you back if I’m reading your LJ. Clear as mud?

I also have a second DW account (which I did pay about £2 for but there’s really nothing a paid account does that a free one doesn’t - the same can be said of LJ). This one is paranoidangel42 and is purely for talking about RP things. So people reading my blog/LJ/DW who aren’t interested aren’t bored by it and I can have RP-related emails in the right email account. No really, that is important.

I know I have a load of comments to reply to and posts to read and people to subscribe to on DW, it’s just going to take me a little while to catch up - feel free to subscribe to me and save me the effort :)

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