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I tried to open Spotify the other day and immediately it told me it needed to download a new version but couldn’t. Because my computer had disconnected from the internet. So I reset it, opened it again and the same thing happened. Which rather suggested Spotify was the culprit.

So the simplest solution was to download a new version. Which was instant. Installing it took less than a minute and it’s now fine.

However, before I installed it I first wanted to create a system restore point. In XP I just went to the link I’d pinned to the Start Menu. In Windows 7 I stare at the Start Menu for a while before giving up. Fortunately, when I got Windows 7 I found a great site with tutorials on how to work it, so I went there and found how to create a system restore point. It’s in Control Panel->System, nowhere near the System Restore menu, which is in Accessories->System.

I decided it’s really silly to keep searching for how to do it every time and ended up following another tutorial which adds a shortcut to your desktop, which you just have to click and type your restore point in and it does it. Much quicker and easier. This is why I also have shortcuts to Start Menu for user and all users because I have no idea how to get to them in Windows 7 because right clicking on the Start Menu doesn’t work.

Then I remembered that I wanted to add TextPad to the Quick Launch. In XP you dragged the shortcut. Doesn’t work in Windows 7… I ended up going back to the same website to find where the Quick Launch lived and then sticking it in there.

I know Microsoft have done all this so people can’t cock it all up (and people really can cock anything up on computers given half a chance). It’s just that, by doing that, they’ve made everything so much harder if you know what you’re doing. Which is the opposite to the version of Linux I have on my netbook, where if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re reduced to copying and pasting into scripts… (which works, mind you)

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