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I just came in here to make a post, remembered [info]just_ann_now commented on my last one, opened up my LJ to answer it... and the post wasn't there. At which point I discovered Dreamwidth hadn't been crossposting my posts since I changed my LJ password and forgot to tell Dreamwidth. Dreamwidth helpfully told me this by putting a message in my inbox. Which I never check and is full of crap it puts there so I wouldn't notice if there was anything new. (I have now told it to email me about that sort of thing)

I have fixed it now by going back to telling WordPress to do the crossposting. Which it is now perfectly happy with, despite previously being unhappy with. No idea why - and not likely to find out since the plugin I use to do the crossposting is old and the person who wrote it stopped updating it (and deleted their website).

Edit: Well, it crossposted the old posts happily, but on this one the password is apparently invalid...

The other annoying thing was that I had to type that user code, up in the first sentence myself. I used to have a button that did it, but a WordPress update broke the plugin, the author didn't update it and I couldn't find another one that worked. But it did work in the visual editor, at least for LJ & DW users and LJ comms. It didn't work for DW comms, no idea why. But now it's not even there.

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My Christmas project is to sort out my website and create the Rotary website. So far I have created the Rotary website, just not put anything on it. With mine I've updated WordPress and played with plugins, broken some things and fixed others. The trouble is that I could endlessly play with it. It's just as well I don't go back to work until the 2nd.

Wednesday I'm off to see The Hobbit (in glorious 2D normal frame rate). We saw each Lord of the Rings films on successive Boxing Days, so it's only traditional to see The Hobbit on Boxing Day too.

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This afternoon we sat down to listen to the tennis we taped last night... and discovered it had rained in New York so they hadn't played. So now we need to listen to it tonight and tomorrow instead (depending on when they finish and if it rains).

So with the afternoon I suddenly had free, I re-did my LJ layout. It's less red, although I think it looks more red. It's all a bit academic anyway because the only people who will ever see it are people looking at my actual LJ, and me when I come across an unreadable one.

I also discovered the layout I have for Dreamwidth now has a sidebar on the left variant, which I've wanted ever since the layout existed. So now I have that. It's also red, suffice to say.

Since people are suddenly talking about Dreamwidth, I'll mention where I am. I write my posts in my blog, which automatically cross-posts them into my LJ: [info]paranoidangel42 and my DW journal: [info]paranoidangel. You're welcome to read or post in any of those three, I don't mind. But if you're reading by RSS then I would read the blog's RSS (or Atom) feed because it has more useful stuff in it.

Since I read by RSS, I don't care whether I read people's LJ or DW - unless one of them doesn't allow me to see full posts. So if anyone is crossposting to both and would prefer me to comment in one, then I can just change my link and I'll never notice the difference.

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